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  1. Long time since we last saw Stefan, though I come across his activity sometimes on other boards. I recall, some time ago @jonnyGURU also mentioned the Hyper series as low quality, cheap units. Anyway, i don't see the reason, why would anyone buy these new in 2020
  2. @GoldenLag Thanks a lot. I believe I have seen those comments back in the day. I would be curious about the opinion of PSU gurus (...) on those budget units. Perhaps later. : )
  3. Well, my question is kind of simple: Older design FSP Hyper S & Hyper K and Hyper M units are incredibly popular locally. Yet, I don't think their price represents a good value. They might have been decent entry-level units, but fall short these days due to their being group regulated, and low efficiency. Any thoughts on these? The units in question are: https://www.fsp-europe.com/hyper-m-500600700w/ https://www.fsp-europe.com/hyper-500w600700w/ https://www.fsplifestyle.com/en/product/HyperK500W.html and also, the hexa+ series seem to be preferred by the customers: https://www.fsp-europe.com/hexa-400500w/ Yet, the prices are not that really cheap, compared to more contemporary designs. Any insight and opinion would be greatly appreciated. I don't want to tag anyone yet, and hope, that I'll get some responses :) Regards and thanks in advance.
  4. @maxwellius I'd suggest you to list which case you have with which types of RAM-s, and what would be your budget. Then the Community can recommend good aircoolers to fit your needs. edit: oh, I was typing slowly
  5. Location? Greece? Maximum heatsink height allowed by your case? When it fits, can be a sound choice: Arctic Freezer 34 (157mm) Ben Nevis Advanced Alpenföhn (160mm)
  6. will look into how capable is 1660su with OC. Perhaps it won't overclock as well as a 1660. The GDDR6 memory might have something to do with it. I'll check OC-d performance.
  7. But one can overclock the 1660super as well. I would not discourage anyone from buying neither the 1660su nor the 1650su. Both have good value, both can gain additional 11-12% with overclocking
  8. Boardsboards MSI B450 Gaming Plus MAX https://pcpartpicker.com/product/BHBhP6/msi-b450-gaming-plus-max-atx-am4-motherboard-b450-gaming-plus-max MSI B450 A-Pro MAX https://pcpartpicker.com/product/XJbCmG/msi-b450-a-pro-max-atx-am4-motherboard-b450-a-pro-max both are excellent, cheap. 99USD. Roughly the same quality VRM heatsink as with the tomahawk, more than enough for 6-8 cores.
  9. Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 2x8gb 3200mhz cl16 kit. Many successfull 3600mhz cl16 overclocks with these..
  10. why don't you buy a dirt-cheap RGB cooler like the ID Cooling SE-214 RGB or DeepCool Gammaxx GT?
  11. RAM-s are in slots A2B2, I guess. But double check it, bc A1B1 will NOT work with 3200Mhz. make sure it's in A2B2 first..
  12. I don't have AMD card, but, I believe it can be done via AMD Wattman, and you'll find plenty of tutorials on youtube. Search for something like AMD GPU undervolting
  13. The M12 is not a good choice if bought new. But, if you already have it, you can power your rig with it. Just make sure, you slightly undervolt the GPU, as, custom-cooled 5700xt-s can draw a lot of juice. Try undervolting something like 6-7%, to keep both power and temperatures in check. This will not only improve temperatures, but also might do good to the lifespan of your graphics card& ease the strain on your PSU. If your PSU is older, with 5-6years of use, I'd change it though.
  14. location? budget? sample webshop? What is your case's max cooler height compatibility? I'd get the Mugen 5 RevB from those.