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  1. Vejnemojnen

    Gtx 1660ti or RX 580

    1660 is roughly at the same level as RX590, but CHEAPER. 1660Ti beats RX590, and their price is nearly identical. RX590 is not a great buy IMHO. Hweege power hunger& heat without performing better than 1660 or 1660Ti, nor does it have better pricing. Get the 1660Ti. Or even 1660 "without the Ti"
  2. Vejnemojnen

    i5 9400f or r5 2600?

    I'd pick 9400f, bc: It has great performance with cheap rams&mobo (b360-B365) out of the box, whereas ryzen needs a decent-good quality B450 mobo to be OC-d& fast rams with tight timings. Intel will get you the performance without fiddling with setups, timings, frequencies and cpu voltages in the bios. I see no reason not to choose i5 9400f for purely gaming. Other apps which benefit from HT? Surely, Ryzen. But for gaming, I think the blües win here.
  3. Vejnemojnen

    NEW PSU Tier List

    That's something. Zalman 850 EBT for roughly the same price as a 500w pure power 11. Though who on earth needs 850w, is a good question
  4. Vejnemojnen

    NEW PSU Tier List

    That was among the first results in YT I would not call it especially noisy.
  5. Vejnemojnen

    Enough wattage?

    Öööö, as fär as I know, 2080Ti is a hungry beast, can easily consume up to ~250watts with heavy stress. The OC-d 9900k is again above 200w, and then you have the fans&Mobo&drives.. So it can even require peak wattages roughly round 600w. So, A 750w would be a safety bet. And for those components, something Like Dark Power Pro, Seasonic Pr1me Ultra or Corsair AX series would be my choice. If one has the money to spend on Strix-ROG Z390 mobo& 2080Ti and 9900k, they surely have the funds for a Pr1me Ultra Titanium or Platinum PSU
  6. Vejnemojnen

    Coolers for Ryzen 5 2600

    Be Quiet Pure Rock / PR slim Alpenföhn Brocken ECO / ECO advanced / Matterhorn Pure Arctic Freezer 33 esport ed Just a few with reasonable prices (at least here..)
  7. Vejnemojnen

    Will this system bottleneck?

    Don't let mobo chipset fool you. A good B450 board with decent VRM can in fact outperform a cheap x470 board in CPU&Ram OC-ing. And the GPU as well. Tomahawk! Or Gaming Plus. Both MSI, both good for OC& both cheap for the performance they provide. Or you can opt for Mortar as well, if you'd rather build onto an mATX board. And honestly, how many people actually use SLI? Not a whole lot... Please consult the mobo tier-list thread, and my signature for recommended AM4 boards. I'm pretty confident, that TUFI boards are not among the best. Overpriced-ridiculously- and that is also true for their GPU-s. I'd advice to stay away from "budget" or "midrange" Asus products. You'll get much better performance for your bucks with MSI (ie.: Their GTX1660-1660Ti Gaming X cards are very good. I'd even wager, that GamingX cards are roughly at the same level as Asus Strix ones, without the prem1um price tags. my 200th post!
  8. Vejnemojnen

    GTX 1070 or Vega 56

    Vega, then undervolting. You'll be able to fine-tune it to get ~200w power consumption at loads with less heat generated, WITHOUT affecting performance-speed. YT or search for "Vega undervolt overclock" or such. If tweaked, V56 is a very capable card with good power profile.
  9. Honestly, don't know. The Mortar is microATX, whereas you have ATX and mATX options for GamingPlus, and the Tomahawk is ATX only. Any of those is a fine choice. Heck, even Bazooka V2-Bazooka plus is fine, though. And cheapo. Get what's the most cost-effective.
  10. Vejnemojnen

    Will this system bottleneck?

    That's true. Either with a B365 board or a B360 mobo with latest bios-update. 9400f outperforms 2600x in GAMING. Btw, for the OP: @Prasad001 The Asus Mobo is very poor choice, best price-to-performance mobos for AM4 are MSI Gaming Plus&Tomahawk&MortarM or Asrock B450 Pro4&Steel Legend. I'd rather get the rams in dual channel kit, rather than two separate 1stick module: sometimes the latter does not really want to work in dual channel. Asus GPU-s are overpriced, poor cost:performance ratio again. Stay away from asus stuff which is not "Strix" or "ROG" (those are quite expensive though) I think you'd be better with Some mid-level B360 mobo& Intel Core 5 9400f. Some other GPU which is not Asus& a dual kit ram.
  11. Tomahawk (Or Gaming Plus& Mortar M). Esp if you don't plan to get a dVGA. Better designed VRM-s very beneficial for strong-OC-d IGP-s.
  12. Vejnemojnen

    Am I building a bottleneck?

    by the way. I almost always recommend Mortar (mATX) or Tomahawk (ATX) for gaming (and MSI B450(m) Gaming Plus)& B450M Pro4 on a budget. But there is the quite recent B450 Steel Legend, by Asrock. Is there any good reviews about it? It is roughly at the same price as Mortar. How does it stand up against the competition? Looks great, that's sure (Though I still prefer Mortar Titanium.. ) please also check the AMD AM4 tier list in my signature. You'll see, why everyone discourages buying TUF B450 boards.
  13. Vejnemojnen

    RTX 2060 vs Vega 64

    and read-watch about undervolting. Temperatures-fan noise and power consumption will be kept in check via some tweaking-finetuning
  14. Vejnemojnen

    Small Build Case Suggestion

    @fasauceome Time to recommend an ITX case ; ) good options: Silverstone SG05Lite Thermaltake Core V1 CM Elite 110 my preferred for aesthetics: Silverstone RVZ-series
  15. Vejnemojnen

    Best graphics card for 300w power supply?

    Afaik under full load that can consume up to 140~watts, total System power required during peak efforts is ~250 w. So it is possible, but not much of reserve left. One can always undervolt though, or set a lower power target..