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    Wolf 359
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    Video games and Anime, Star Trek, Star Wars, PC Building and other nerdy/geeky things.
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    Just another simple geek/nerd.
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    IT Helpdesk


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    AMD Ryzen 5 3600X
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    MSI B450 Mortar Max
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    16GB Corsair Vengeance RGB 3200hz
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    Palit Super JetStream GTX 1060 OC
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    Coolermaster MasterBox NR400
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    512GB Intel 660p NVME, 240GB SSD Geil, 2TB Western Digital Black HDD
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    Corsair RM650 80+ Gold
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    Dell UH series 24-inch monitor / Nvision 24XIPS
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    Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black Edition
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    Tecware Phantom TKL
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    Dual Boot: Windows 10 Pro and KDE Neon
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  1. Sounds like something might be grounded. Have you tried putting back the old graphics card and PSU to see if it boots up and posts?
  2. It's your power supply. It can't handle the overclock on Ryzen Master. I had something like this come up with a friend's build. He was on a 450W (bronze rated) PSU when this happened and he was tweaking stuff in Ryzen Master. The problem went away when he bought a 550W (gold rated) PSU.
  3. Looks like China has been very busy stealing trade secrets. Joking aside, I didn't expect Canada to be up there.
  4. 5600XT. If you're going for MSI b450 boards, get the ones with "MAX" on them (i.e. Tomahawk Max, Mortar Max, etc). They'll work with Ryzen 3rd gen out of the box.
  5. Yes. The 5600XT is a toned down version of the 5700XT since they share the same boards and die. It's just been clocked down a bit and has less RAM, but it still performs almost as good as a 2060.
  6. The 2060 is cheaper now since AMD released the 5600XT which is giving it a run for it's money. You might want to look into the 5600XT as well as it's cheaper.
  7. The Ryzen 3600 has 6 cores and 12 threads. I think thats what you're confused about.
  8. You should have returned it and asked for the proper card. On the other hand the 1660 is more than capable of handling some AAA titles but don't expect to go on ultra settings especially on a 144hz monitor.
  9. Xiee

    How old

    40 here. Been watching for like 3 years but I only started posting on the forums in October 2019.
  10. Got a couple of friends who have a 5700XT. One of them hasn't had any issues so far, while the other had the occasional "red screen".
  11. RMA it. It's most likely a factory defect.
  12. If you're just going to use it as "PURE" storage, then fine. But if you're gonna plan watching movies from the drives, it's gonna be bad depending on how big your movie file is.
  13. Power down the pc by unplugging the power cord then plug it back in after a minute and turn it on again. Does it still go to bios when after it's turned on? Are there any error messages before it goes into bios?
  14. Hasn't it been known for a while that Huawei does the phone infrastructure in Iran? I mean they do get most of their oil from them after all.