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    Heavy/Ultra light vehicles, Gaming, Designing
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    been hurt soo much in life, that pain is a joke to me now.
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    Engineering student


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    Ryzen 7 2700X
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    Gigabyte AUG X470
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    Corsair vengeance 16 Gb 3000mhz
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    PCRD Rx580
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    Gigabtye A 300W
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    2 TB Seagate Baracuda
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    Antec Edge 750 80+G
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    BenQ 27" GW2760 + Samsung 23.5" TN
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    Wraith Prism
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    TAG Mechanical RGB
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    TAG 7D
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    Phillips 2.1 Speakers
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    Win 10

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  1. This is the video that I was watching.
  2. So, looking at Rode PodMic Dynamic mic. And to hook it up, an Yamaha MG10XU https://usa.yamaha.com/products/proaudio/mixers/mg_series_xu_model/specs.html#product-tabs Will this Mixer alone will be Enough to power the microphone when it comes to decibals?connection to PC is easy since it's USB.
  3. one aditional thing. my Pc was built on 19/1/19. how long will the thermal paste last? i use the preapplied thermal paste on AMD warith prism cooler. I do live in a extremtly dusty area cuz many constructions going on nearby. When Linus did a 1 year dust buildup test, i was like, wooow thats 2-3 weeks worth of dust in my case(no pun). referring to that.
  4. my motherboard is a X470 Gigabyte AUG and maybe it is most that matters. So, what im planning to do is, clean the PC case with a 80+ mile per hour blower. call it a mini leaf blower but, i wanna know is this a smart idea? there are no debris. i clean my PC every 40-60 days or so. but i can clean GPU, CPU fans and fins and the front pane fans and the crevices. for that purpose i am planning to use a air blower to clean it properly. Any tips and sugestions? im open to idea of "dont do it please" too
  5. Audio Technica ATR 1300 Dynamic mic with unidirectional cardiod polar pattern :)
  6. no issues. i was just over reacting. i had my volumed turned down from Windows volume mixer. all works fine. altough not sure about Direct monitor function works fine or no.
  7. The shop has agreed to give 1000VA UPS (uninterrupted power supply) but the issue is, 1000 x 5.54 = 554 watts. Will it be enough? 410 CPU load according to PC part picker, given it can't tell usage of all parts. And 2 monitors 21.5' and 27'
  8. I bought a UPS yesterday. And it was of 650VA and i multiplied it by .7 Turns out, it's 360 watts And i remember it being 410 watts for the CPU on PCpartpicker. For that, i bought a 750 watt 80+G Power supply. Now I'm planning to run 2 monitors and this CPU on a UPS to avoid it from tripping on power loss. How much will i need ?
  9. Checked the drivers? For monitor. Windows can do anything after a update. (This is coming from someone who just reinstalled Windows 2 hours ago after a crash due to an update lol)
  10. RAGNES7

    Windows corrupted

    Issue is fixed. I over wrote windows.
  11. I'll add the pics. So basically what happened was, PC was forced to shutdown manually by holding the power button down, while it was restarting. Now It won't even reset
  12. I live in a 3rd world country, focusrite is being song for more than double it's cost.
  13. planning to record voice. And also for streaming and chatting with friends. Btw, i bought UMC22 but still not happy with the outcomes.