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    Trapped in the spaghetti mess that is space-time
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    Escaping the everchanging, monotony that is 30° left of Centaurus A. Reaching out to a new galaxy sounded like a great idea, as it turns out I should have checked my other pants for my celestial compass.
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    My profile is not a joke, please send help. I've taken a wrong left after Centaurus A and now have no idea as to where I am. The stars here screech an erie song and the asteroids are much more threatening. The only form of intelligence this far in the void is a small dwarf star who likes to go by 'Kevin', however 'Kevin' is a lunatic (lunartic?) and won't stop babbling meaningless nothings from times far before I arrived.
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    Protecting this universe from the pending space-time collapse

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  1. Can someone please tell me why the fuck I booted up my computer to Windows 10 advertising more things to me? Is this some kind of bad April fools joke pushed out late or are they TRYING to make more people switch to linux?

    1. minibois



      Is this some kind of bad April fools joke pushed out late or are they TRYING to make more people switch to linux?






      We don't know.


      Just play some Candy Crush!

  2. @BlueChinchillaEatingDorito Banned because my freaky eyes are like four distinct different colours depending on the lighting
  3. @rcmaehl banned because I forgot to get soda while grocery shopping last night
  4. Guys my minecraft village on the LTT server got raided and the mods wouldnt do anything because the land wasn't claimed, this is so sad.

    RIP Marie, David, Micheal, Haley, Joseph, and about half a dozen other villagers I had to name tag and cure. My time playing on that server has ended until the next server wipe

    1. Cyberspirit


      Ahw, how come it wasn't claimed?

    2. Sushimus


      @CyberspiritI didn't have enough to claim it because there were alot of various houses in the village

  5. The robots have risen up, humanity is struggling to survive. Which post-apocalpse sounds more interesting/appealing -if that is the right word- a green hell where nature has taken over and been horribly mutated or a barren wasteland where dangers may present themselves in unforeseeable ways? Is there any particular reason one sounds more exciting or interesting?
  6. So for the past couple months I've been taking notes on games. Things like artistic design choices, how certain music acheives different feelings, level design, etc. and it's got me thinking: since I enjoy this stuff so much why don't I just start reviewing them as a side thing? I already take notes on what the games I've got set aside do and don't do correctly and what makes them good anyways. Might be a thing going forwards...

    1. The King of the Undead

      The King of the Undead

      you kinda need some gimmick to make it a thing that will give you anything. there are plenty of people that do that out there already.

    2. Sushimus


      @The King of the Undead Yea I know, I'd just be doing it for fun though

  7. Can we get a short circuit review of PewDiePie's new controller collaboration? It looks like a really interesting product Here's him explaining it Edit: Might also do decently for views given the personality surrounding the product
  8. I'd say if you have prime, might want to check Newegg and B&H as well because their shipping and handling tends to be lower. Or if you're a risky lad like myself you use eBay religiously
  9. It's very rough but I might finally have a general art direction?
    I thought the 2D objects would completely ruin it but it doesn't entirely suck...

    I think I need to outline things like the segments of the character model and the grass in the trees but you get the jist

    Art Direction.png

  10. After messing around with TLP I've brought my battery life from about 5 hours up to eight, whoop whoop

  11. In case anyone was curious Logitech Flow kinda sucks, I hate that I've bought into the ecosystem. I've got a Logitech Craft and an MX Master 2S for context.

    Bugs that happen multiple times a day:
    -switching between computers will cause my mouse's scroll wheel to change the zoom of the window I'm on

    -after switching, hitting escape cause the windows start menu to open

    -the key last pressed on the previous computer will continuously be pressed on the current one until you hit a new key

    -using the setting to press ctrl to enable switching can sometimes make it tricky, requiring me to smash my mouse against the side of the screen several times (making me manually chaning between them via physical buttons faster)

    They all sound not awful but combined it makes for an incredibly annoying experience and I often find myself trying to not switch between computers as much as possible.

  12. Guys low key starting to think I'll never be able to buy a Razer toaster...

    1. Spotty


      Buy a Razer laptop and use it for Folding@home. Place slice of bread on keyboard and close the laptop. Check back in 10 minutes for fresh toast.

  13. 20200319_031835.jpg

    1. lewdicrous


      Must be an Italian breed. /s

  14. I was thinking about putting windows 10 back on my laptop.. then my desktop with it shoved an auto update down my throat and I remember why I switched to linux

  15. When I was new to overclocking I pushed like 1.6 volts into my athlon 4000+ (just kinda set it to the max number the mobo allowed) and the cheap chinese four pin extension I was using melted and caught fire. Needless to say I didn't overclock again until I knew more about it. The athlon survived btw, I still have it for sentimental reasons