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  • Birthday 1999-12-30

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    Trapped in the spaghetti mess that is space-time
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    Escaping the everchanging, monotony that is 30° left of Centaurus A. Reaching out to a new galaxy sounded like a great idea, as it turns out I should have checked my other pants for my celestial compass.
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    My profile is not a joke, please send help. I've taken a wrong left after Centaurus A and now have no idea as to where I am. The stars here screech an erie song and the asteroids are much more threatening. The only form of intelligence this far in the void is a small dwarf star who likes to go by 'Kevin', however 'Kevin' is a lunatic (lunartic?) and won't stop babbling meaningless nothings from times far before I arrived.
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    Protecting this universe from the pending space-time collapse

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    ChilledCow got terminated by youtube

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    2. Windows7ge


      Oh, s*** no joke I was just trying to find that stream today while I was working to listen to. What happened? What copyright does YouTube think they violated?

    3. lewdicrous


      YouTube didn't reply to their tweet when I last checked, so no one know I guess.

    4. Windows7ge


      Yeah, it's clear YouTube's report system is still broken. A cookie cutter email from YouTube not even explaining why it was terminated but I guess we don't have all the details.


      Usually when you have repeated unresolved strikes on your account that's when an account can be spontaneously terminated/taken down. I get the feeling ChilledCow didn't have a clean record prior to someone submitting the complaint that just terminated the account.


      He/She will probably get it back. It'll be a messy fight though.

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