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  • Birthday 1999-12-30

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    Trapped in the spaghetti mess that is space-time
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    Escaping the everchanging, monotony that is 30° left of Centaurus A. Reaching out to a new galaxy sounded like a great idea, as it turns out I should have checked my other pants for my celestial compass.
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    My profile is not a joke, please send help. I've taken a wrong left after Centaurus A and now have no idea as to where I am. The stars here screech an erie song and the asteroids are much more threatening. The only form of intelligence this far in the void is a small dwarf star who likes to go by 'Kevin', however 'Kevin' is a lunatic (lunartic?) and won't stop babbling meaningless nothings from times far before I arrived.
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    Protecting this universe from the pending space-time collapse

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    ChilledCow got terminated by youtube

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Sushimus


      From what some people were saying there were alot of people in the stream chat talking about suicide and it got flagged @Windows7ge @lewdicrous

      I forget where I read it so I cant link it though

    3. Windows7ge


      Oh, yep, yep, I heard about this last year. YouTube updated their terms of service to include if your chat becomes toxic you're responsible if anybody reports it.


      He'll have to disable chat on all the streams. That's too bad. I never talked in chat but it was nice to read sometimes.

    4. lewdicrous


      It's back!