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    Trapped in the spaghetti mess that is space-time
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    Computers, Videogames, Coding, DIY, And Overclocking
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    *hides in corner* ; - ;
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    On Site Idiot At Pizzaria & Computer Store/Student at TCAT


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    8600k @5.4ghz
  • Motherboard
    EVGA Z370 mATX
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    32gb TridentZ
  • GPU
    1060 6gb
  • Case
    Define C Mini
  • Storage
    2Tb SSD across three drives
  • PSU
    Masterwatt 650W Semi-Modular
  • Display(s)
    Acer ED242QR Abidpx
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    Dark Rock Pro 4
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    Razer DeathStalker Expert
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    Razer Abyssus Essential
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    Cyber Acoustics CA-3602
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    Preferably Win 7 but I had to switch on my main.. :(

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  1. Just made my first MTG commander deck, and only after playing the game for five years XD

















    *It was in this moment Sushimus realized the reason as to why he will most likely die alone*

  2. (Spoilers?)

    I finished the layout of Act 1 for Maker...

    This is the intro... of about a dozen more acts...

    This one needs a little over a hundred pages...

    The rest will need prob 300 pages or so...




  3. I just spent an hour telling people why water isn't wet and all that was accomplished was them calling me alot of rude things and pointing to the oxford definition like definitions for words are universal, unchanging truths...

    Gonna be an interesting day

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Sushimus


      @Windows7ge I cant tell which side this side for..

    3. VegetableStu


      I mean it's strange to say "this glass full of water is wet", specifically if the glass is dry to hold, but wetting is a concept that water does pretty well (and also more universally the first thing we know of that's known to wet on other objects)


      wouldn't stop someone when they make the "water is wet" exclamation of obviousness though ._.

    4. Windows7ge
  4. Minecraft is 10 years old and I turn 20 this year... where did it all go? I was just 15 yesterday!!


    (^Actually a bit of a crisis for me, the 20 was the initial slap, MC being 10 was the sting)

  5. There are now so many paths in act one I need to make a road map in ms paint to figure out what leads to what in my game..

    (2019 is saved, MS Paint will never die!)

  6. Sushimus

    Paint is getting an update!

    I have proper software with layers, a drawing tablet, etc. and I still use paint... even with its inability to disable AA... MS PAINT, THE APP SO RELEVANT IT'S STILL RECEIVING UPDATES! .......now if we can do the same with Win 7 that'd be great guys.. one smol step at a time I guess... Edit: Edit-re: Please forgive me for I have committed a dank sin
  7. Now that Ive finished most of the ground work its time to start rewriting the story.. Anyone up for abit of reading when its done?

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    2. Sushimus


      *Sneaky Cheeky Peeky* @Silentprototipe

      Edit:...maybe I still gotta fix the font abit...

      Screenshot from 2019-05-15 10-23-46.png

    3. Silentprototipe


      Image result for think emoji



    4. Sushimus


      The plan is to use the text based adventure to explain the basis of the game, then it will turn into a top down open world using the unity engine. Think hyperlight drifter meets fallout. So the text adventure is just the inroduction. Ideally Ill make it so that depending on how to beat the text will determine alot about the actual game itself... but all of this is still miles away. I havent even begun to teach myself C# yet @Silentprototipe

  8. Sushimus

    old pc

    *Readys wallet for dispensing lost bits* Ima wait till he offically says it, justtttt in case *crosses fingers*
  9. Sushimus

    old pc

    I saw that too but it looks like a different one? Edit: Quesiton mark?
  10. Sushimus

    old pc

    *Places bet on it being an am2 system*
  11. Just bought the stuffs for server, mostly. Am excited ; - ;

    Got an x3440, 16gb of ecc ram, and itll have 4x 2tb drives when they go on sale

  12. Assuming its gddr5 and not an unreleased version of ram the gddr5 is alot better, check reviews between the gt 1030 ddr4 and gddr5 for proof. The amount of ram might effect the texture detail? But the bandwidth constraints of ddr4 vs gddr5 will be much worse Edit: Proof of point boop Like what Im getting at is likely whatever gpu it is thats offering a ddr4 version will be the bottleneck before the amount of vram is
  13. Sushimus

    Is this NAS pretty okay?

    Mobo (plez nobody buy it for the trolls): Boop Im like 90% sure its this one -> semi-confident boop And I meant Z2 but I just woke up and forgot what the freenas name thing was Edit: Is the next gen on 1366? Those are alot more expensive
  14. Sushimus

    Is this NAS pretty okay?

    The mobo, cpu, and cooler are all in one thing so I figured the extra headroom wouldnt hurt any. Complete forgot about the boot drive, thanks! Edit: Bit of an aside, do you think I should get a UPS? I'm feelin like thatd be useful...
  15. Sushimus

    Is this NAS pretty okay?

    So I've reparted the nas I was planning to make and I think Ive done everything correctly.. are there any red flags Im missing? CPU: Xeon X3430 Cooler: Stock unless it gets loud RAM: 16Gb ECC @1333mhz (<-chose 1333 because the supported memory page only went up to 1333) Storage: 4x 2Tb HDD running in raid 10 (via freenas) PSU: Corsair CX450