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  • Birthday 1999-12-30

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    Trapped in the spaghetti mess that is space-time
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    Escaping the everchanging, monotony that is 30° left of Centaurus A. Reaching out to a new galaxy sounded like a great idea, as it turns out I should have checked my other pants for my celestial compass.
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    My profile is not a joke, please send help. I've taken a wrong left after Centaurus A and now have no idea as to where I am. The stars here screech an erie song and the asteroids are much more threatening. The only form of intelligence this far in the void is a small dwarf star who likes to go by 'Kevin', however 'Kevin' is a lunatic (lunartic?) and won't stop babbling meaningless nothings from times far before I arrived.
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    Protecting this universe from the pending space-time collapse


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    8600k @5.4ghz
  • Motherboard
    EVGA Z370 mATX
  • RAM
    32gb TridentZ
  • GPU
    1060 6gb
  • Case
    Define C Mini
  • Storage
    2Tb SSD across three drives
  • PSU
    Masterwatt 650W Semi-Modular
  • Display(s)
    Acer ED242QR Abidpx
  • Cooling
    Dark Rock Pro 4
  • Keyboard
    Razer DeathStalker Expert
  • Mouse
    Razer Abyssus Essential
  • Sound
    Cyber Acoustics CA-3602
  • Operating System
    Preferably Win 7 but I had to switch on my main.. :(

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  1. My new keyboard finally came in and I can definitely notice the difference between a work oriented keyboard and a gaming keyboard, when I game I hit keys I dont really mean to sometimes but I type SOOO much faster on this one

    1. minibois


      What switches did you switch from > to, if you don't mind me asking? :) 

    2. Cyberspirit


      I've had the same problem with my old gaming keyboard which had cherry red switches. Those were so light that I kept pushing them every time I relaxed my fingers. xD


      Ever since I got myself a custom one, I've been having a great time typing away.

    3. Sushimus


      @miniboisIve gone from a razor deathadder (I beleive thats the name?) to a logitech craft wireless

  2. Can we all bombard him for a t-pose now that he's getting memier? I still haven't gotten my t-pose yet!
  3. Yea.. I was just kinda hoping for the best. Dernit
  4. So Ive been messing with a laptop and seeing what all I can do to reduce temps then remembered an offhand comment by Buildzoid about the pcb of a cpu probably heating up alot too, and that if somehow you could fashion a cooler to use the pcb it might help abit. So thats what Im going some light testing of via thermal pads (I know not the greatest but Im curious nonetheless). Ive hit a snag though: the only measuring device I have it a ruler youd use for arts and crafts and I cant seem to find a typical height anywhere. Does anyone know what it is? (Its an i7 3540M, I dont imagine the spec varies much from model to model though)
  5. Worked my first black friday at walmart today, and it was pretty okay surprisingly (We did it the day before starting at 6pm). The only part I didnt like was missing out on this amazing skillet. So it was 10$ and you could fit like six eggs on it. It was amazing value


    However I have already gotten an ssd and a mouse from the early price drops on newegg & amazon so far, still seeing if the earbuds and keyboard I want will drop in price any

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. dizmo


      ...why didn't you just put one aside 😛

    3. Sushimus


      @dizmo I didnt think to.. :( 

    4. dizmo


      Next time ;)

  6. Made some more progress on my little sisters lappie (forgot to post the photos so I am now... whoops):


    The base colour will be a matt charcoal with a transparent glossy coating over it


    The grey bit will be some metal I'm scavaging from what will be my NAS' case and polishing up (I'll be modding that next) and around the outside of it will be a thin opaque light blue line, which will be from me dieing the apoxy a bit


    The circles will be an opaque cyan colour and made of a plastic material, still figuring out how I'll go about that. Maybe get some transparent and quickly dash some cyan over it? Or alternatively I could make a mold and dye some epoxy.. probably the best route..


    Still not much planned for the bottom of the lappie aside from a coat of paint to match the base colour of the top, might make it look kooler after this is done




  7. Works going good on my little sister's lappie. So far I've thermal expoxied a second heatpipe on, dremeled out a couple ventilation areas, sanded the chasis down (for later painting), fully upgraded most of the parts in it, and have started planning on how I want it to look aesthetically. So far Im thinking I go for a cleaner modern look with a circle or two of a lighter grey (maybe a sharper colour?) along with some inset cut metal to contrast the plastic shell. I'll post some pictures in a bit..

  8. I made lil blep into a short gif!


  9. Finally moving to be more professional, already got my black friday shopping bookmarked which just consists of a new mouse and keyboard and I've been teaching myself alot about how to use unity.. so hopefully I'll release a short game sometime soon-ish

    Also figured out what I'm for sure off to study art stuff next so yay

  10. This might work a bit better than the audio tag, chromes a bit bleh with it. I'll give it a try tomorrow it's a tad late to toy around with it tonight
  11. That line is the only one referencing the file, which is really weird to me too. Also I originally used the <audio> and it did a weird delay thing last time, now the autoplay on the tag just decided not to work? (I copy pasted what you put, no clue why it isn't working)
  12. So I'm working on a little text based game and I've hit a weird issue, the audio works... on some machines I mainly write all the code on my Ubuntu based laptop, and decided to copy it to the windows desktop I use to draw on and test it anything weird happens on the larger screen. What I wasn't expecting is for the audio to just cancel itself instead of playing. <iframe src="Start.mp3" allow="autoplay" id="audio" hidden></iframe> So this is the best solution I've got for the audio, when I used other stuff there would be a delay in the audio playing or it wouldn't play after x page refreshes etc. This seemed to be great because on my laptop it plays all the audio immediately and I can refresh the page all I like with no pause in the audio triggering. On my desktop this happens Can someone tell me what's happening? I still only partially understand the <iframe> tag so is that part of the issue?
  13. I need to power through drawing game assets but I keep getting sidetracked about other stuff.. grrrr

    On the bright side I've got it more thoroughly planned

  14. I made a kinda cute, kinda creepy blep


    Might make a short gif of it

    Lil BlepBig.png

    1. Murasaki


      looks huggable. 

    2. Sushimus


      @Murasaki Thanks! I'm trying to get better at making cute things. I plan on making it a lil guy that just kinda follows you around in the game I'm working on. It won't actually do much... but it's good for moral support

  15. Finally porting Maker over to the Unity Engine... Anddd I'm already getting confused..


    This is gonna take some getting used to..

    (So far my game is entirely just text based via html/css so unity is a completely foreign beast to me)