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  1. 11 hours ago, manikyath said:


    from the owner of two 32GB kits (or more specificly.. 4 16GB kits spread out between 2 machines), 8GB is still fine enough if you dont have a lot of background junk.


    on that note: i'm blaming before mentioned background junk: take a look at what's running on your system besides the game and "essential appliocations", chances are that by reducing the amount of stuff running, you'll get at least mildly better results.

    I Defenetly dont have big ussage since im more low user with programs i mean i realy take care what i have on pc i dont even have google chrome just cus that usage in background my ram are maximum at 30-50 usage since only windows system does use it as i see...when i boot my comp disk is at 100% usage at first 1-2 mins which i cant tell if would be any problem since is installed windows on it so its normaly i might say its RAM but hardly becuse i dont thinks so 

  2. So i have fps drops lets say while im playing Fortnite i have around 110-120 fps at all settings epic only shadows on medium

    at first 5-6 min i get fps drops and stuttering it wont drop on 2 fps and that stuff but it drops 50fps and 30fps max since is big gap the screen frezzes for 0.5 sec after playing for bit longer 8-10m the game works smoth my cpu reaches max 47c-50c and gpu 59-62c max i dont know what would be the issue but maybe someone of you have solution for this or is in same situation and i noticed that is same in another games (ring of elysium) did not have in league of legends only if is intense battle maybe goes lets say if i had locked on 120fps maybe around 110-100fps drop
    I HAVE:
    i5,4440 3.1ghz

    GTX 1050 TI Windforce 4gb OC

    8gb RAM (idk mhz but its not alot maybe the issue)

    HDD only (Maybe the issue)

    420W PSU

  3. 4 minutes ago, Jurrunio said:

    We're talking a card with 120w TDP (yup, Gigabyte raised it in the vbios). Just 60W left for a low clocked Haswell i5 is really on the edge. Not to mention such group regulated design (based on the low 12v current rating) will be absolute trash in crossload situations that PC will do in this case.


    420w is the sum of 3.3v, 5v and 12v output. Just 12V rail itself can only do 15A (so 180W), and this rail is responsible for powering basically everything in a modern PC, CPU, GPU, your fans, storage drives etc.

    So Which PSU would you Recommend ?

  4. 9 minutes ago, badreg said:

    Maybe, but you're cutting it really close, and you should definitely consider a quality PSU as well. The specs say 15A over the 12V rail, which is a maximum of 180W. The 1050ti Windforce OC will draw up to 150W by itself, which only leaves 30W for your CPU and other components.

    Its 420w How can Only 30W Be left ? i5-....take 84 tdp and graphic 75tdp but oc that mean can go up to lets say 150w,i ik is not 75w then i wouldnt need 6 pin but still 
    it stayd more for cpu and another components 

  5. Hello,So I Got GTX 1050TI Windforce OC And i Have I5-4440 3.1ghz...My Power Supply Is 240W
    And I Wonder If Would Work OR I May Damage My Components?
    (Do Not Have Any DVD Burner,Only SD Card Reader+Monitor 60hz+SSD Disk 500GB)
    CPU Takes 84 TDP (If Im Not Mistaking) And Graphic Card 75 TDP),GPU Has 6PIN Witch Means It Needs More Power IDK How much And The Rest Goes To Waste Or It Stays For Lets Say Another Components?
    U Can Also List Which PSU Would Be My Best Choice,And If On This Current PSU Would Work With Any Problems Like Overheat ITC....
    Also TDP Would Be Lets Say Around 160,...On Spect For GPU It Says 400w PSU Minimum...Thanks For Your Answers :)