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    French creative. All techs enthusiast. Computer science and telecommunications engineer.
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    Project manager / entrepreneur.


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    Aorus Z390 Master
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    16GB G.Skill into LED Heatsink mod
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    Gigabyte 2080 ti Gaming OC
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    Phanteks p350X
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    Crucial NVM.E, Seagate Blue SATA optane accelerated
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    Thermaltake 80+b 750W
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    Dell P2715Q
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    Liquid custom made loop
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    Steelseries M800
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    Steelseries Rival 700
  • Sound
    Steelseries Arctis 5 + Bose companion
  • Operating System
    W10 + Mos X

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  1. With this budget on the nvidia side I'd suggest a used 2060, 1070 or 1660 ti (if you can manage to find used / returned / deals). Those are all great value cards IMO. 2060 will allow you to do some slight RTX as well not at all into AMD so there may be better options in this side but I'll let other give their thoughts I Hope this helps !
  2. Hi ! If you see GPU usage drop during in game lag, it seems like your GPU is being bottlenecked by the CPU. If the CPU can't calculate fast enough, then the GPU will have less work to do and drop usage but the game will lag. How is your CPU usage during the drops ?
  3. Hi ! Is it direct link or are you using a dongle in between ? Also I'm not sure if it will help but I had similar problems with my 2013 Mac Pro. Then I had a deeper look at the docs and learnt that they map multiple ports on the same buses, which means the bandwidth is shared between multiple peripherals and it was introducing lags. They recommend plugging monitors to different buses. have you had a try at using other ports ?
  4. Hi ! Jayz2Cents posted a video which you may find interesting on this topic : I Hope this helps ! Vincent
  5. Hi ! You didn't mention an important info : your desired budget for the upgrade
  6. I'm afraid we're going to need more details about your problem. Is the case new ? could you post pictures of the front IO area from the inside ?
  7. I'm a telecommunications network engineer, working at one of Europe's main carrier since 2013. My apologies for my unperfect english. My problem with this kind of theories is that they usually use people fear of things that don't really exist yet to get attention to their cause. And this has been true for ALL wireless technologies. It has been true for mobile communication since first generations (2G,3G,4G included). The problem is more data transfered doesn't mean more power required. In Europe, one of the first mobile networks was called bi-bop. There were signs in the streets saying 'bi-bop' area. You had to stand very close to the antenna in order to get signal, power used was high and was transmitting only voice. With each new technology, we've been able to transmit more data with less power and this comes from a simple fact. In order to increase data rates, you either can : Increase signal frequency, which means more symbols every second Increase "sensitivity" in order to have more possible value for each symbol transmitted. Every new mobile network gen did both, and 5G makes no exception. What it's basically doing is with same or lower power, it transmits more data and in a way that is software managed better. SO, what could be the problem with 5G ? Frequencies ? Those have been used for years either for mobile or other use. As you may know, even some weather sensor networks use those frequencies and i've never heared of headaches near weather stations. Power ? It's going to be dynamically set, directionnaly (and it doesn't mean concentrated it just means geographically oriented to the user who needs it instead of sent everywhere) and it's more likely to be lower than previous gens. PLUS, 5G is meant to be used in cities, which are already full or radio waves. I'm not saying that it's going to be healthly. And believe me I don't want my health condition to be less good for the sake of radio networks. I'm saying that NOONE has ever really been able to show that it would be bad, and if we did, we would also probably be able to demonstrate that it's going better with every new gen.
  8. Hi ! Do you still have the motherboard and RAM ? If you do, then it may be a good idea to start with that and buy a good value GPU (new ones from AMD & NVIDIA seem to have great value). That would be a good starting point. If you have to buy a MB, it may be worth to wait until september as long as AMD new releases are going to be a huge value for money. Buying new CPU related hardware before then may not be the best move. Many people will disagree with me but if you have a good connexion, remote gaming rigs could be a nice solution (I've been playing fortnite for long on those and wasn't able to feel much of a difference (I'm an average gamer)). I hope this helped Good luck !
  9. Thanks very much I appreciate ! No worries about skipping, the few people who say they don't are liars
  10. This was my first cosplay related project ever and I loved making it ! The weapon in obviously fake and was 3D printed, painted and wired so that it emits lights and sounds from external speakers (using a bluetooth module). I loved making it so much that I posted a video and there is the trailer ! You can see the whole video from my youtube Channel which is named 20Cent Hardware. I hope that you'll like it as much as I did making it ! <content removed> Turn the sound on while watching !
  11. Update after 2 days : Temps are much lower. Nor the CPU or the 2080 ti will exceed 45C while playing Apex Legends at full specs 2K 144Hz for 2 hrs. Opened the case afterwards, feels way cooler inside than the previous case. Fittings temps are decent. To sum up, the initial configuration had many flaws. 1- a lone 240mm rad for both a last gen i7 and an OC 2080 ti. 2- The rad was blowing hot air directly to the reservoir, crossing the case and was exhausted on top & read. Now, the 3 right side fans are bringing fresh air which extracts part of the reservoir heat (there's heat sinks on its back) and most of the heat is extracted directly to the outside by the 280mm radiator. Only the 240mm rad will pull some heat inside the case but it will not stay here for long. We will see how it goes in the next weeks and myplans for the future are adding a 360mm rad to the right side and eventually someday swapping the 240mm at the bottom with a 360mm for even less noise
  12. All tubed, loop initialized ! not perfect tubing but it’s going to be fine for now. All i have to do is fire up a game and cross fingers !
  13. Yeah that’s totally what has happened here because of the fitting copper warming up too high. However, as this has happened twice in a week with no overload it was obviously going to happen again Except if Increasing the heat extraction power. I just assembled the PC back in its new home with both the 240 and 280 rads that I own. Next step is tubing and hopefully temps are going to lower enough
  14. I'm on a casual use. I used to play 1-2 hrs a day for the few months then once a week, now it's more once every 2 months as a fresh air breathe or when traveling (always taking a gameboy and the vita with me)