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  1. The cables were bothering me too lol, it's my first attempt at a "wall mounted PC" thank you it was by chance I had bought this CPU cooler about a year-and-a-half ago and I just got this motherboard as a gift about a month ago.
  2. It was given to me by my wife's friends husband. I never had a computer like this before the best computer I ever owned prior to this was an Optiplex
  3. It's an Abit IP 35 pro, Nvidia GT 710, Intel core duo quad q6600, 8 gigs of crucial ram.
  4. Ever thought about creating a Seasonal Dvd Box set with all your videos ? i would buy that.

  5. Yes ! exactly what I was thinking, now I can finally use this thing. Lol
  6. Okay I'm going to try that. It would be done like this?
  7. I agree with you supercomputer.. I know definitely my computer's power-supply will not have enough power to push is fan on
  8. Is this true? I don't want to end up like the kid who put his phone in the microwave to hatch eggs in Pokemon lol