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  1. Im not finding the specs for a wireless card that came in an old netbook. T77H106.00 It came in an acer aspire d250. Windows 10 said the system was compatible so i installed it (impressively runs well for the age of the netbook) but ran into a very sudden problem. No way to conect to the internet. Both wireless and ethernet have been made unusable. Booted linux from a flashdrive amd connection came back. Is this card compatible with windows 10 and could a simple fix be just replacing this card with another card..? There is an open mini pcie x1 slot in this netbook but dont knkw how to find a compatible network card for a specific os.
  2. The question is can i use a athlon2 631 processor on my ahd3 hibiscus board. The sockets match. Its a fm1 cpu and the MB has a fm1 socket. But how do i k ow if they are compatible..?
  3. The issue as observed. Moved windows to a ssd from the stock hdd. Now when i shut the OS down by any method the OS closes and after it says goodbye the motherboard is still powered. It appears that the ssd can not send the power off signal to my motherboard as the OS windows 10 shuts down. The only change before this is moving the OS to the ssd from the hdd. When going back the the hdd everything works again. I dont know how smart bestbuy geek squad is but they could not find the cause of this issue. And told me to hard power off the system after every shut down.
  4. Long time no see, its been a while and hi to everyone here. This is a long question as im trying to explain myself and comes down to i want a pc for one 14yo game and it cost more for that pc than a xbox series x. The short of it is i never got my pc up and running bc i bought a 1x around that time and the one x fulfilled most of my gaming desires and now that i want to get back to my pc the new series x is on the way and almost assuradly for a lot cheaper than a pc. So what do i do now. I still really want to play midevil total war 2 as i have never got to play it because my pc refuses to run it with its a6 3600 apu and rx560 gpu with 12gb of 1333 ram. Not great i know but it played empire at war just fine with settings pretty high. With the other issues that came with a ssd for my os i abandoned the pc and it sets bc it wont play the game i wanted to play for over a decade and to be useful i have to reinstall the os back onto the hdd bc the ssd while functional shuts the os down without sending a poweroff signal to the MB. So over the last week ive been debating with myself and some friends over the new series x or a pc bc if i get a series x then the only thing i need a pc for is some more than decade old rts games. I could build a pc for just those but that pc would lilely cost more than the series x and i have a case, 650w ps and the rx560 gpu already. Just a board ram and cpu that can run tw2 okay is outrageous considering the game is 14 years old. So im stuck again, a pc cant replace my console because my console is also my 4k player and brings my tv and home audio to life with rich well synced audio and hdr 4k video (something that doesnt look to cheap to get from a pc). My delima is of my own making i know. I love the quality and ease of use that a console offers and xbox is also a great home entertainment system for movies and music at such a low price that i cant get a pc to compare with everything that i use my xbox for. But games like the sims and rts games are ultimatly better on pc. So price depending for the series x im wondering if anyone else is in a similar pickle of decision. I want both but only want to pay for one because the difference in price is larger than what can be quantified by my regular uses. If i could for under 200 usd get a pc today that could play midevil total war 2 with ease and no tearing jumping or laging i would love to go for it. but from what i read tw2 requires more processor than i have or can get for cheap bc it entails overhauling not updating my pc over a game thats 14 years old. I guess im just bitter that i never got to play my game (that my pc met the requirments on the box for) and now that i almost want to i cant justify building a pc when the xbox is a clear overacheiver at the price for all that it does more than just games.
  5. They would be too loud if i got to play it as loud as when im not in multiplayer. Usually i just play with the standard regular headset and turn everything down to half of the usual volume. Of course the headset interferes with half my hearing too so its like a big balancing act and makes me not play some games or avoid playing with friends because it hard work to setup for multiplayer and enjoy it as much as i do my single player immersion. I like the idea of the on off. Ive played with that a little when me n the wife are on together to cut down on double mic echo but never thought to just use it for room noise.
  6. My home theater system really makes my games amazing but how can i use my gaming setup for online multiplayer? I dont want to be the guy with all the echo. So do i abandon my stereo when playing with a mic or are there some tips for making the stereo and mic get along..?
  7. Interesting. That would be odd though since zone 2 is for other room listening primarily. But electronics these days do odd things like that.
  8. I own and route all my video and audio through an onkyo tx-nr646. Great reciever for my 4k and surround gaming experience but still facing difficulties with some setup features. In this case routing my xbox one x to play through zone2. Connection route. Xbox 1x via hdmi2.2 into bd/dvd input, output hdmi2.2 to lg uj7700 4k tv. The reciever plays great through the main amplifier but my main speakers have to much bass for late night use and my zone 2 is connected to a pair of cerwin vegas d2s that sound great for my record player that is connected into the phono input. But no sound will come out of zone 2 when on the db/dvd input. Is this a setup issue or is the avr not capable of outputting hdmi signal into the zone 2. Oh i have tried the different xbox audio options and even telling the xbox to output in formats other than bitstream does not change this issue.
  9. Sorry for my grammar. Its horrible when im typing with a virtual keyboard. So my budget is cheap as possible to get my computer to boot and run with room to upgrade it. I see a lot of people agree on the 4xx motherboard. I see heat on the cpu. I moved to a r5 since it has double the threads of an r3 is i go for the lesser r5 now i would plan to go above the r5 to a higher core apu. Will the 4xx motherboard utilize an r7 or higher before the motherboard maxes out. What is my rx560 gpu capable of and since i already own one is it worth it to crossfire with a second 560 since they are only 130 usd. Corsair vengence ram is 128 usd for 3000mhz 2x 8gb. My power supply is all but new I plan to boot up on my 120gb ssd And store on my 1tb hdd. So take away. I dont use my pc because it dont shut down properly. The new motherboard may fix this issue. The new motherboard means new ram and new cpu. My budget is cheap as possible now but room to upgrade win my finances are better. Periphial. 65" lg 4k tv I have a mouse n keyboard wired and wireless. But would love some opinions for a good on the lap solution for mouse and keyboard. Like how to use a mouse n keyboard when sitting on a sofa crosslegged.
  10. 2 xb1 in the same room playing the same game in the same group. Echo galore and other issues. So the end all party chat solution was actully very simple. Make a new account and sign into it on the laptop and add that new account to the party as an extra and the laptop is using a snoball mic in the center of the room. We are wearing headphones so sound is great and everyone says the mic is great like noticably better than headset mics. Now the biggie. Sea of theives game chat. So we wear headphones when multi playering to rid of game echo but sot game chat is poximity so we cant use the snoball mic and laptop. If we mute each other then we cant hear each other bc we are wearing headphones. Kinect will not funtion if headphones are plugged up. I cant remember but i feel that even though we mute each other that only stops the echo for us. Not for the rest of the party when in game chat.
  11. Okay, my current pc is a box store hp pavillion P7-1154 (literally junk) In an attempt to see it play some games i miss playing like 40k dawn of war, midevil total war 2 and still i have never seen mods run on sw empire are war (the mod launcher never worked for me nor did any tutorial work) also would love to compare minecraft bedrock on pc to my xbox one x. But mostly pcs imo are for rts games for which my pc cannot run well (kinda it seems to run vanilla empire at war fine with graphic turned up across the board but i didnt play any large battles yet.) My current build Stock aahd3-hb motherboard 12 gb of pc3 1333 ram Stock a6 3600 apu Xfx amd rx560 gpu 1tb hdd 120gb ssd* 600w evga ps Old gaming case with lots of room. What drove me to start upgrading my pc was the new tv i bought. My on board graphic could not send hdmi signal out and my new lg 4k tv did not accept dvi connect to hdmi. It was orginally purched to be an htpc but after xbox one came out i no longer needed a bluray player so i abonaded getting a bluray drive for my pc and it sat in the corner. Im in the stages of planning what i should buy for a budget build to get back into rts games which seem to all ne pretty old but this pc can not play midevil total war 2 comfortably. Also as this is a living room based tv the other reason i dont use it is because mouse and keyboards are not lap friendly. Any suggestions for how to get a lap setup that will be m-n-kb friendly will be greatly appriciated. My current idea for upgrading what i have minumlly is to get these parts X470 motherboard Ryzen 5 2400g apu 16gb 3.0ghz ram And lastly i have a win10 os issue. When installed on the hdd the os shutsdown properly but when i install the os on the ssd it will not shut down properly ever. The os shuts down but then after windows says bye the case stays powered on. Even the guys at geeksquad could not figure that out and all the web search solutions i found failed to fix this issue. My only thought is that the current motherboard was not designed to handle the speed of an ssd and it does not accept the cue to shutdown bc the ssd is too fast for the motherboard. But if i replace the motherboard the problem should go away then.
  12. Lol, thanks for the warm welcome and ill get a post up soon with details.
  13. Joined the forum so i can hopefully find better solutions to problems with technology as they arise. Ill get it out there i play console bc its easier to have a fantastic setup without setting up. I do agree that pc can be better but i have never laid eyes on that better pc outside of youtube and magazines. My plans while on the forum are to solve my pc build issues and more important learn how to game chat with mulitple player in the same room. (Ill make post for those in there right place after breakfast)