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  1. Check my last post maybe u r facing the same issue i was facing but don't follow the same methods i used
  2. I have done it i have fixed it I pulled the evil out of its roots but no battles are won with out sacrifices As you can see in the picture attached i have lost my window Rip win 10 2017(i think) - 2020 I have gone mad and deleted lsass.exe Sheft+delete the s@@@ out of that damn thing all the results with that wicked name have been butchered Now its time to look for a flash drive to use for fresh window installation Thanks u all for trying to help
  3. nope i have never heard of those if you know any can you recommend one
  4. nope dosent work i tried more than 15 anti viruses none of them seems to be detecting it i even deleted the isass.exe in safemode got a window error that the pc is restarting in 1 minute then it just created it self again with the same issue
  5. i already tried malwarebytes it dosent detect it i will try the tool once the 4th anti virus im trying finish the scan : (
  6. the moment i disconnect from the internet cpu usage drops
  7. this is the result from the first one anti viruses dosent seem to detect it i have 9 left to try tho will post the moment i find 1 to solve the problem
  8. its the same size on disk is different only mine is more by the double
  9. cpu usage drops to 0 the moment i open any of those apps
  10. when services are off it does not run also in safe mode it dosent work