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  1. cRsFisA

    About OBS streaming

    Well I don't use any app to monitor my PC usage, in case that might have cause problems with OBS
  2. Hi guys So I'm trying to stream League of Legends but I only have one issue, if I try to capture a specific window (the League of Legends client) it will only show a black screen. In game streaming works just fine but the client itself won't show. All I did was adding a scene and a source (game capture and capture a specific window). If someone knows what's the issue please let me know! Btw this also happend with StreamLabs
  3. cRsFisA

    Is PUBG really this bad?

    I've had this game for almost 1 year and a half but I only have 62 hours on it, mainly because the game was laggy no matter what and the shooting feels so bad compared to other games. Now I haven't been playing it for quite a while, is it still that bad? Also, the player count for the game looks pretty bad compared to how mainstream the game was, I mean is it even worth playing it anymore? Btw this is just my opinion, if you have over 1000+ hours into this game, good for you, but I've got to know a lot of people who bought this game and barely have 20 hours on it.
  4. cRsFisA

    Rx 590

    This should give you an ideea :
  5. cRsFisA

    Undervolting RX 480

    Hi everyone, so recently I've been messing around with AMD WattMan in order to undervolt my GPU (MSI RX 480 4GB Gaming X) for less power consumption and heat/noise. The best stable results I got can be seen in the photos. However, I had to set the frequency to 1280 (1305 is default so not a big deal) in order to be able to use 1050 (1150 default) voltage and I didn't change anything about the memory. Now the questions are: do I need to change anything else? For example the power limit? Can this somehow damage my GPU? With my settings I didn't got a single crash or artifact in FurMark and also when playing demanding games.
  6. cRsFisA

    Temps for RX 480

    So I shouldn't be worried about this kind of temps?
  7. cRsFisA

    Temps for RX 480

    Hi everyone, So I recently cleaned up and changed the thermal paste on my MSI RX 480 4GB Gaming X I don't know exactly what kind of temps I had before the clean up,but I just wanna know if the temps that I have right now are fine. While playing Sniper Elite 4 on dx12 ultra settings 1080p for 30 minutes the max temp I saw was 72°C but most of the time was 67-68°C and the card was still really silent, the fans didn't start until it reached 55°C. The room temp is around 20°C. Specs: i5 7400 - 3,5 Ghz 2x4GB Ram Corsair Vengeance LPX Black DDR4 2400MHz CL14 MSI B150 GAMING M3 Motherboard Seasonic Focus+ 80+Gold 550W 1TB HDD WD Blue 240GB Kingston A400 SSD The case is nothing special, a really old one, with little to no ways for cable management and I also have 0 fans in it.
  8. cRsFisA

    Please tell me some great games to play

    Thanks everyone for the answers, I'll have a look on every game you guys suggested!
  9. cRsFisA

    Please tell me some great games to play

    The Witcher series, Far Cry 3-5 , Ac Origins and Odyssey, Mafia 2 and 3 (3 was really bad) and rn I'm playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider but I don't really like it
  10. Hello everyone! sorry if this isn't the right category for the topic. As the title says, I wanna play some great single player story games,but I just don't know what to play anymore.. If you guys can give me some suggestions,I'll be grateful :)
  11. cRsFisA

    Fps is good but it doesn't feel smooth

    Here's what I did, I changed the display scailing to "center" and everything is fine now
  12. cRsFisA

    Fps is good but it doesn't feel smooth

    Tried it, stil no results. I will try again using display port, if I still don't get a good result then I'll switch to another monitor, see if it helps. Thanks anyway for helping!
  13. cRsFisA

    Fps is good but it doesn't feel smooth

    Only Freesync, it does help a little bit but is nothing amazing, maybe because I'm on 75 Hz I'm thinking that my HDMI cable might be broken or something? Or maybe I just need to use a display port?
  14. cRsFisA

    Fps is good but it doesn't feel smooth

    I am already using 75Hz
  15. cRsFisA

    Fps is good but it doesn't feel smooth

    AOC Q3279VWF