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  1. Ended up fixing this way: I've connected my HD 6570 in the first PCIe slot and my RX 480 in the second BUT without the 8 pin connector Then when I booted up to Windows I've started to slowly introduce the 8 pin connector. I've managed to add like half of the connector in my RX 480 before my fans started to spin. After that I've quickly entered in Device Manager -> Display Adapters -> Search for changes and saw "Microsoft Basic Adapter". After that I've gone into Windows Update and got my AMD drivers. Then I was finally able to start atiflash and change the bios for my RX 480 to the correct one. This fix is really weird,I know. And I'm sorry if this is kinda blurry for you because of my typing, English is not my first language but I hope you got the message! Thank you all for the responses and be safe
  2. I've tried that already. Still no effect. But thanks for the response!
  3. The 6570 works on its own perfectly fine. Even if I let the RX 480 in but without the 8 PIN it's still works. With the 8 PIN in my pc boots but I get no image on the monitor.
  4. I've tried multiple settings about this but it still doesn't work..
  5. I don't think it has dual bios. It's an MSI RX 480 4GB Gaming X
  6. So I've done the wrong things with PolarisBios Editor for my RX 480 and now my pc won't boot with it. I wanted to boot with the integrated graphics and just flash the normal bios for it but my Ryzen 5 2600 doesn't have integrated graphics, so I've tried booting with 2 GPU's : an old AMD 6570 and my bricked RX 480. My pc will start but I don't see anything on display. The HDMI is connected to the HD 6570. Motherboard: Gigabyte DS3H B450M. Why can't I boot with the 6570 just so I can flash the normal bios for my RX 480? Is there a setting in the bios that I need to change in order for me to do it? Note: I've already updated my mobo bios to the latest version.
  7. Yes I had an option like that but I've just finish reinstalling my Windows and drivers and now everything works as it should. I don't know what happend earlier but thanks for the responses anyway!
  8. I guess I should try a fresh install of Windows again. Maybe I've messed something up and it just needs a reinstall. I don't really know
  9. I would but the installer also installs some older drivers for my RX 480 and I get no AMD Radeon settings I've tried installing only the chipset drivers from GIgabyte and installing the GPU drivers from AMD's website but it just won't work. The driver from AMD overwrites the one from Gigabyte.
  10. I really don't know what I did wrong. Fresh install of Windows, then went to AMD's page and downloaded the drivers for my RX 480 and B450 chipset.
  11. Specs: Ryzen 5 2600 Gigabyte B450M DS3H 2x8 Hyper X Savage DDR4 2866 Mhz RAM MSI RX 480 GAMING X 4GB Seasonic Focus Plus 80+Gold PSU 550w Kingston A400 240GB SSD 1TB WD Blue HDD Long story short I've tried both chipset drivers from Gigabyte's website and AMD's and I don't know why but the ones from Gigabyte gave me better performance. And I'm not talking about small numbers, I'm talking like 15-20 fps + in games like Rage 2 and Dishonored 2. Why is that? And this is not the only weird thing. The one from Gigabyte also gives me the ryzen power plan, while the ones from AMD do not. Things I've tried: -updating bios to the latest version -trying DDU for a clean install of drivers -reseting the bios to its default settings -updating my Windows to the latest version
  12. So as the title says, I hear ths weird buzzing noise coming from my speakers or my headset If I'm playing a game it gets louder, I don't know why. Both speakers and headset are connected via the jack connector. (the speakers also have a USB connector for power) Motherboard: Gigabyte H110-D3A Headset: Logitech G231 I've tried updating drivers and even reinstalling Windows but nothing fixed it. I don't think both my speakers and headset are broken. Is there something wrong with my motherboard?
  13. You can see the power in Batman Arkham Knight for example, only 19w Even with Cinebench R15 it only got to around 31 w max It says that the i5 7400 has a 65w tdp but I've never seen it using that much power. Is there something wrong or is it normal? Specs: i5 7400 Gigabyte H110-D3A Motherboard MSI RX 480 4GB Gaming X 2x8 DDR4 Ram HyperX Savage 2400 Mhz Cl12 1Tb HDD WD Blue 240GB Kingston A400 SSD Seasonic Focus Plus 550w FX 80+Gold (fully modular)
  14. At this point I don't even wanna bother trying to fix anything. I'm just gonna buy a dead silent cooler that can keep the temps under control. After all, the i5 7400 was never a CPU that got HOT, only 65w.
  15. No, I didn't paid 30$ for this. I bought it from a friend with 8$. But if I have to buy a better cooler, which one should I get to get rid of that annoying sound?