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  1. I've wondered for a long time, and I was just watching Handy Tech Under $100 ep. 8, when he was about to give three reasons why they're the optimal footwear, but he was rudely interrupted and the topic was dropped. I'd love to hear his personal reasons to wear them. If anyone knows if he said anything about it publicly, I'd greatly appreciate it if you shared.
  2. Somehow I don't think this is relevant. I've also heard it's not true. I don't know what the reality actually is, but I always take this claim with a grain of salt
  3. Linus and other youtubers keep giving intel flac for naming their new processors 10900K or whatever. Why is this so bad? Everyone keeps saying "Oh it's so bad" but never even mention a better alternative. 10 comes after 9. It only makes sense. I feel like if intel went with any other naming scheme, they'd get flac for that too! If it's so bad, then what should their new products be called?
  4. I currently run an Intel i7 2600 from a Dell Optiplex with a GTX 1080. It's becoming clear to me that my cpu is effecting my low framerates. I want to upgrade to Ryzen, but I don't have a ton of money to spend right away (Probably around $250-$300) I want to get a Ryzen chip that will perform well, but I also want to be able to upgrade to a better processor in the future (Probably some time after 4th gen Ryzen comes out) I'm considering a Ryzen 2600 because I think it'd be funny to upgrade from a 2600 to a 2600 and it's also a pretty good chip. I'm not set on this though. If a different one is better, then I'll probably go with that. I don't know what motherboard I want. I want one that will (At least be very likely to) support 4th gen Ryzen when it comes out so I can upgrade to that when I'll very likely have more spending money. I'm also not sure about the RAM. I don't have any DDR4, so I'll need to buy some. I know Ryzen performs best with faster RAM, but I don't know where the sweet spot is between speed and price. I only need CPU, Motherboard, and RAM. I will be using everything else from my current machine. I mostly use my computer for gaming (Mostly Apex, Minecraft, and some VR games) but I also occasionally mess around with Blender. I currently have a 1080p 60Hz monitor, but I'd like to get a higher resolution and/or refresh rate as my next upgrade in a few months.
  5. They brought it up, but didn't explain why it's there. Did they change the set? Were they just streaming at a different location temporarily? Is this permanent now? Someone who knows, please fill me in. I'm confused.
  6. Because of where I live, I am severely limited to only Verizon or AT&T, the two biggest mobile providers where I am. Other providers don't have service at my house. It would cost about $70 USD per month to get unlimited data. That's way more than I can afford.
  7. The issue with this is the internet only comes into my house at one place, so there's nowhere to plug in another router.
  8. The ones I see on Amazon are $60-$100 USD
  9. The wifi router/access point/modem is in the farthest corner of the house from my room, so wifi in there kinda sucks. On my phone, it's OK, but on my PC, I can barely even connect. I want to find some alternative to connect my PC to the internet, but I'm struggling to find something that works. Ethernet was my first thought, but I don't want to run a wire across the entire house. Running the wire outside the house isn't an option. There's only one port for the router to connect to, so I can't move it closer to the middle of the house. I've heard of powerline adapters, which would be nice, but they're quite expensive. I'm hoping that there is a solution that's cheap and easy so I can at least connect with a reasonable speed. I'm not looking for Gigabit speeds (We only pay for like 20 MBps anyway) but I don't want to have to bring my pc into the living room just to go online with it (Which doesn't even really work well anyway). If you know of any solutions that might work, please let me know. Thank you!
  10. I have a 1TB Toshiba Hard drive that I used as a boot drive in my HP. It works fine, but if I plug it into my older pc (Dell), it won't boot. Instead, it only shows a black screen with a flashing cursor in the corner. In the bios, I see my drive, but it won't boot. I can boot my Dell from old laptop drives I have, but those ones won't work in my HP. I'd like to move my 1TB drive to my Dell, but how can I make it boot into windows? If you need more info on the specs to diagnose, I can provide it.