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    i need to get out more


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    Intel i%-4460
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    Gigabyte H81M-H
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    G.SKILL Ripjaws-X Series DDR3 PC3-10666 16GB (2 x 8GB)
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    EVGA GTX 1060 6GB SC
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    DIYPC Cuboid-G
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    SAMSUNG SSD SM841 2.5" 7mm 128GB, Segate ST1000DX001-1NS162 1TB SSHD
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    Rosewill ARC-M 650
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    Acer R240HY 23" 1080p Monitor, AOC 2267W 22" Monitor
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    Stock Intel Fan,
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    Apple Magic Keyboard (Gen 1)
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    GE 99913 Rev.S2 Optical Mouse
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    Behringer U-PHORIA UMC202HD, Mackie CR4BT Audio Monitors, Neewer NW-700 Microphone
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    Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

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  1. I keep hearing Linus talking about streaming but I have never once seen his streams. Is there something I’m missing
  2. You could probably get a box cutter and cut any type of rubber you have (scissors work too), this could include old phone cases, or old thick cables. You can then use hot glue or other adhesive to stick it on. For extra flair you can get some cheap spray paint.
  3. A 2060 for $200 itself is a great deal. 1660s still go up on eBay for about $150-$200 by themselves. I think $50 (at the most) for ray-tracing is a great deal.
  4. If it's waking from sleep, it's most likely just a program updating. Try quitting Steam and Discord, and maybe even Chrome. Sometimes fluctuations in power will send a signal to the motherboard to wake up.
  5. I've heard that plastidip works, but I've only used it on plastic. Keep in mind that you should be looking for any general aluminum-safe paint, it doesn't have to be specific to any PC hardware.
  6. Try booting up with the GPU having no power cables, to see if it's a power supply issue.
  7. Is it booting up from a cold boot or a waking from sleep?
  8. Usually Java has problems with over 4GBs of RAM, in my experience.
  9. This doesn’t stand a chance against my... 2011 Mac Mini!
  10. Is it a surge-protection strip? Is it a GFCI outlet?
  11. Is your PC plugged into a power strip or into the Wall?
  12. RED Weapon cameras can record 8K60. I assume it's for storage saving.
  13. Were the temps that high during the entire session or only before the FPS drop?
  14. Look up the skill on the Amazon website while logged into the same account of the Echo. Click enable. Then say, "Alexa, Open Spartan"