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    United States
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    i need to get out more


  • CPU
    Intel i%-4460
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte H81M-H
  • RAM
    G.SKILL Ripjaws-X Series DDR3 PC3-10666 16GB (2 x 8GB)
  • GPU
    EVGA GTX 1060 6GB SC
  • Case
    DIYPC Cuboid-G
  • Storage
    SAMSUNG SSD SM841 2.5" 7mm 128GB, Segate ST1000DX001-1NS162 1TB SSHD
  • PSU
    Rosewill ARC-M 650
  • Display(s)
    Acer R240HY 23" 1080p Monitor, AOC 2267W 22" Monitor
  • Cooling
    Stock Intel Fan,
  • Keyboard
    Apple Magic Keyboard (Gen 1)
  • Mouse
    GE 99913 Rev.S2 Optical Mouse
  • Sound
    Behringer U-PHORIA UMC202HD, Mackie CR4BT Audio Monitors, Neewer NW-700 Microphone
  • Operating System
    Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

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  1. ImAlsoRan

    Minecraft Mods Question

    Before I stare, that CPU is a huge bottleneck. Not just that it's an i5, it's a 3rd gen i5. But for mods, you can always use Optifine. Mods that change the look of the game will dip your FPS down. I recommend mods that add new mobs, but not new looks, new biomes, etc.
  2. Oh, I guess Visual Studio only wants to screw me at every turn.
  3. ImAlsoRan

    charity format

    I’m not too sure many people would be willing to pay to vote, but that’s just my opinion.
  4. ImAlsoRan

    Can’t Boot into Windows HELP

    I’m saying to make images of all your drives with a tool on Linux (there are tools you can find on Google), and then extract those images to your drives.
  5. ImAlsoRan

    charity format

    Have you considered an entry fee?
  6. ImAlsoRan

    Can’t Boot into Windows HELP

    Make a image of your current SSD with a Linux live boot USB, then reinstall windows onto the 970 Pro. Then work from there.
  7. The only real concern I’d have with that is the 120GB SSD. It’s really a gamble if a application will respect installing on a secondary drive, and even installing Windows on it is sometimes a bit of a stretch.
  8. ImAlsoRan

    first liquid cooling set up ever

    AIO or Custom Loop?
  9. ImAlsoRan

    Monitor Very Sensitive to Bumps

    That’s when we brute force and melt the plastic/dremmel the case off this is satire btw
  10. ImAlsoRan

    Laptop below or 700usd

    If you're doing programming, maybe invest more in CPU. High cores, unless your aren't building on the machine. If you're training AI, definitley invest in GPU power. Just get a PC that has over an i5 and you should be good for any programming task you throw at it, just if you're working at a bigger scale, get a building/AI training server.
  11. ImAlsoRan

    Monitor Very Sensitive to Bumps

    I'd say that a ribbon cable in between the monitor's PCB and the LCD itself is loose. If you have a warranty, send it back ASAP. If not, you can try to open it up and look for any loose/blown capacitors, loose ribbon cables, cracked PCB, other damage to board.
  12. ImAlsoRan

    PC Stuttering and Choppy-ness

    What are your specs? Normally these kinds of issues can be caused by a slow HDD. Also, try quitting your anitivrus, application dock (the thing at the top), etc. Also, viruses can cause this.
  13. ImAlsoRan

    MacBook Pro 15 2018 with HDMI 120Hz external display

    macOS supports high refresh rates. You can use this adapter to get the result you want. Apple repair costs won't lower, you'll have to get an aftermarket solution.
  14. ImAlsoRan

    Is it a good case?

  15. ImAlsoRan

    Raidmax Sigma white or Matrexx 55 WH

    I personally prefert the Matrexx 55 WH. Plenty of room and will show your components off very nice. Nice cable management aswell!