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  1. So im looking at old games i used to play and i run across Lego Rock Raiders, and now want to start playing all my old games again. I have a windows xp along with service pack disks (also have 98 and 2000 lol) now all i need is hardware, i originally played these games on a slot type Pentium computer running Windows 98(Yes slot type gateway that ran perfectly until i took it apart in 2010) I have a Pentium D 3.2ghz and d945psn intel board with 4gbs ddr4 in one of my old rigs, now im looking for a graphics card that will work with games back to 1998. What would be the best card to use that is compatible with Windows 98 and XP and what other hardware should i be looking for to complete this gaming rig?
  2. ill be looking at it some more tonight, im really just looking to do something software based on the computer, i got the building, troubleshooting and breaking thing down, just havent done alot with software based things, after i get the NAS going im planing on trying to putting some linux distros on it and run it off of it sorry if im slow on responses, i have a full time job and im going back to school
  3. Honestly though i believe the future of electrification is hybrids that have very efficient turbo-charged smaller gas engine (2-3 cyl sub 1.0l) running on some sort of pressurized gas like natural gas or something else renewable. the compactness of the fuel combed with a hybrid "transmission" in the front (and motor-generators in the rear for awd) will create a vehicle that can go weeks or months without plugging in or refueling, if you look at Chrysler, they are electrifying almost every vehicle in their line-up, even the pickups have belt driven motor-generators, a plug in hybrid van, and an all electric 500e, (all of which is why we are allowed to even allowed to think about high performance vehicle with over 700hp
  4. Probably going to be the Jolt or Amp or something else electrical related. It will be pretty interesting watching what car manufacturs do in order to increase mpgs, range and power. Because let's face it face it, a car that can get 60+ mpg is worthless with a 0-60 you measure with a calendar
  5. Yup, you would be right. But still saying anything about any style ev then following it with shocking is still a grade A pun. I still can't believe they would discontinue the volt, they could have turned it into something else like they did with the Prius and continued the line. Like a wagon version volt maxx, or something similar. They lost so many energy credits removing that vehicle
  6. it was a joke... and they also came as full electric
  7. Reason I want to use win10 is so I can use the computer for other things at the same time. I did a bridged connection between my wifi and the VM connection, verifyed operation using second computer. I'm able to connect to the console. Did setup wizard, but I can't find the IP address to connect another computer to the Nas and allow data storage Also hyper-v won't work on it something about the CPU not supporting some feature it needs.
  8. I recently Picked up a MacPro 3,1 with twin Xeon E5472 and promptly booted up boot camp and installed windows 10 pro, and i noticed that most things i would do would only use 1-2 cores, i had 6 extras, so my bright idea was to use the other 6 core, and 16 gb(of 32gb) of ram in a Virtualized NAS. Which i have never in my life even delt with( i fix cars for a living, gaming and computers are a side hobby) i get FreeNAS fully installed on the vm and am able to connect to it via laptop, so i should be able to map the drive and start using it.... but how? I was unable to even figure out what ip address to use and all the ones i could find had the slash going the wrong way. i could not for the life of me find it on FreeNAS's website of the googles. Has anyone else done this and have any pointers?