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  1. It's Kombustor, but I do have Heaven benchmark as well which I get similar scores with. Yeah it's possible, maybe using LTSC helps optimize it by tiny bit as well? Just what I wanted to hear! Are there any settings you recommend I use to increase performance or should I already be at max if I did it as in the guide? It only recommended running Heaven benchmark in the background while increasing/decreasing values so I did exactly to the point it didn't crash/show artifacts though instead of basic settings I did it on high 1440p, maybe that would mean I could overclock the card even higher?
  2. Yeah my bad, was looking at the wrong numbers in Afterburner. Here's what I get while running Kombustor in the background
  3. Here are the base specs for the card so basically just need to add the overclocked settings on top of it, otherwise the regular values for the model are 1683 MHz / 11010 MHz https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/asus-rog-strix-gtx-1080-ti-gaming-oc.b4306 As said it's my first time overclocking and I just assumed I'd gotten lucky in the silicon lottery due to the GPU benching high but maybe the values are within normalcy? I manage to get 2012 MHz base / 5764 MHz boost under load which should be good compared to the benches I've seen, and as mentioned Userbenchmark did really well too.
  4. Elbow

    Out of Ideas... Can't Install Windows 10??

    Maybe you failed the settings with the boot drive properly? Did you try setting it up using Rufus? Made a boot drive using it like a month ago and worked just fine, link to the program https://rufus.ie/
  5. It's not really meant to be a measurement of the card but the settings used in MSI Afterburner, guide I linked goes deeper into it but as I also mentioned the numbers differ depending on which model of 1080Ti you're using. Might be useful as a reference point for ROG Strix OC owners to save an hour of trial and error but people should still do what the guide says and try their way forward.
  6. Tried overclocking for the first time and after a lot of tinkering I finally got it to work properly. I did a run of Userbenchmark to see what I'd get and it says CPU and GPU is in 98~99th percentile, are they way too generous or did I just end up getting really lucky with the silicon lottery? Going to share my settings and guides used for anyone with a similar build wanting to attempt overclocking so they might have an easier time finding the information than I did. BUILD GPU Asus ROG Strix OC 1080 Ti CPU Intel 9700K RAM G.Skill TridentZ 2 x 16 GB 3200 MHz CL14 MOBO Aorus Master Z390 SSD Samsung 970 EVO 1 TB SATA WD Red 6 TB 256 MB PSU Corsair HX850 Platinum Cooler Kraken X62 280MM Case Dark Base Pro 900 rev. 2 CPU overclocking guide used for Gigabyte and their affiliates motherboards https://www.gigabyte.com/FileUpload/Global/multimedia/2/file/525/946.pdf Good information about the settings for other brands of MOBOs can be found in the comments of ''My 9700k ain't boosting to 4.9ghz'' thread on Reddit Clock Ratio 51 / 5.1 GHz Uncore 47 / 4.7 GHz Vcore Loadline Calibration - Turbo Voltage 1.31V Kraken X62 settings, basically Performance mode +5% at each point of the curve Fan speed 0-35C 55%, 40C 65%, 45C 75%, 50C 85%, 55C 100% Pump speed 0-35C 75%, 40C 80%, 45C 95%, 50C 100% 1080 Ti overclocking guide used for MSI Afterburner https://www.overclockersclub.com/guides/nvidia_gtx_1080ti_oc_guide/ Core Voltage +20% Power Limit 120% Temp Limit 90C Core Clock +35 Memory Clock +260 Fan speed 0-30C 40%, 50C 50%, 70C 80%, 80C 100%. Could probably lower the curve a bit since the ROG Strix OC model comes with an excellent cooler but this should be a good fan curve in general for most 1080 Ti models. Keep in mind that the amount you can overclock differs from model to model as well as some variance in production quality for individual cards. Guide creator got +100MHz more while adjusting Memory Clock and Core Clock but since my model came factory overclocked I had to lower it a fair bit to compensate but still ended up getting similar benches. Userbenchmark for GPU and CPU below!
  7. TL;DR appeal to authority!
  8. I was only asking about which one of the versions was LTSC until you came in and started inquiring about ''legit licenses'' and me answering honestly since why bother lying to people on the internet? You're the one trying to make this thread be about piracy and then proceeding to get mad about it not me, crybully. False. You can certainly remove some of it using various methods and programs but other things are hardwired into the OS. Tin foil hat about what, Windows 10 being far more anti-consumer, filled with bloatware and takes far more liberties with your personal information than Windows XP and Windows 7? Because that isn't even an opinion of mine, that's pretty much a fact. Yeah, that's some high standards you've got going there. If your argument in a discussion about spyware is saying that ''it isn't worse than google'' then that's your cue to leave.
  9. My normal (old) rig has Windows 7 but don't want regular Windows 10 seeing as it's filled with spyware and bloat (Cortana, ads etc). The program in the link doesn't work anymore, it used to download the trial version of LTSC and then patched it with all files missing from the real version by downloading them directly from Microsoft but I guess they did something so that method doesn't work anymore. Not that I really mind since Microsoft is in their full rights to make implementations to make it harder to download their products. I got it working now from another source, very nice to be free from all that anti-consumer bloat they put in the regular version. It's not like I couldn't afford to buy it regularly (as long as it isn't Photoshop expensive) since I make decent money and throw away $50 a month on twitch/patreon for stuff I don't really care about anyway but no way in hell I wanna support the anti-consumer bullshit philosophy that Microsoft has got going now.
  10. Uuuuh so the reddit page has 100% of its comments deleted by a moderator, should I be worried to run it? Says it has 98% upvotes, not sure if that indicates that it's legit? Never use Reddit so not sure how it works
  11. Elbow

    Liquid cooling problem

    First computer I've built that started up on first try without showing any error codes, fantastic!
  12. Fuck. Guess I'll try this one out then and see what happens!
  13. Did I just get scammed by the redditors? Was wasting my time downloading it and making a boot drive part of their master plan?
  14. Downloaded an ISO with ''Win10_1809Oct_EnglishInternational_x64'' which supposedly should contain W10 LTSC and used Rufus on a USB-stick in order to make it an installation tool. I fire it up and get this selection where nothing is marked with LTSC, which one should I install exactly? Many thanks to anyone who can help!
  15. Elbow

    Liquid cooling problem

    Sadly this isn't the case since there's only one way to seat with 140mm fans so the far side of the cooler is almost parallel with the ''board'' of the MOBO itself with less than a centimeter of clearance, so literally everything jutting out more than a centimeter of the MOBO (like heatsink, CPU cooler seating, RAM, almost everything basically) comes in the way of the 2X 140mm cooler. Only way I could seat it like that is to have the fans below the cooling seating and then screw the radiator on top of the seating and have it occupy the airway on top which I don't want. Granted what you say might be true for other size of fans but for the 140mm you couldn't fit everything underneath *normally*. I still managed to make it work by lowering the entire seating of the motherboard by one screwhole and rerouting the CPU power cables' entrance point, leaves a small gap in the back of the chassi (about 2 centimeters). That's a sacrifice I'm fine to make since I wont even see the back end of my chassi and I doubt it will increase noise levels beyond what the normal hexagonal plate pattern where 80% of the surface area is entirely open. Yeah the case is large enough to put the radiator on top though I didn't do it since I'd probably gain a little temperature between the fans and the radiator as well as almost entirely blocking the top airway for exhausting heat. Not really worried about temps on my GPU (ROG Strix gaming 1080 TI) and it'd probably only increase temps on my CPU by a few degrees but still it wouldn't be optimal. But as said I got it to more or less work, took an image of it so you guys could see the end result. Gonna try booting it up right now, wish me luck!