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    6800k drops OC

    BIOS is updated but I'm bit of afraid of reflashing it (frequent powerlosses in my city)
  2. So there is a bit of an issue with my cpu. I've used to run my 6800k @4.2ghz (1.225v) but few days ago (after last windows update) I've noticed a bit of a drop of fps; after quick stress test it turned out that all bios settings were brought back to default (3.6ghz cpu, 2133mhz ram, even fancurves). So i tweaked all setting to the point at which they were beforehand but... in windows I'm still running my cpu @3.6ghz (which is stock). So I turned down multiplier a bit (to 4.1ghz) and turned up voltage (to 1.245v)... and in HWM I'm running at 3.4ghz while in stresstest. The hell is happening? Specs: 6800k x99a sli plus dark rock 3 spc supremo 550w 80g+ 2x8gb 3000mhz