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  1. Fuzysidwell

    Fiber internet Sfp and not wanting to use isp hw

    ok i dont think i did the explanation right what is supplyed by the isp Nokia Gpon Ont SFP (G-010S-A) Into a Sagemcom 5566 Commonly known as Home Hub 3000 or HH3K what i am thinking of useing is Mellanox MNPH29C-XTR For example put the sfp in there and run pfsense for example and have another sfp go to a switch which will split off to the rest of the network
  2. Fuzysidwell

    Fiber internet Sfp and not wanting to use isp hw

    the other idea which dosent sound like it would work i wonder if i connect lets say 2 1gbit cords from the pfsense in wan configuration would i be able to access the 1.5 as theoretically there would be enough pass threw space or all 4 my goal is the pfsense being able to use the full 1.5 gbit connection and my isp is BELL canada
  3. Fuzysidwell

    Fiber internet Sfp and not wanting to use isp hw

    i didnt read any thing in the tos i couldnt only that if i needed support it would have to be threw there hardware and its not about anti tracking it more that i would like to have the full 1,5 gbit available to the network instead of just 1 gbit making it that i can download /upload at full speed 1.5gbit from all 10gb devices to the net and be able to access files from nass at 10gbit As right now i have to use 2 devices to get any ware close to 1.5Gb
  4. Hello i have a Question i Dont know much about fiber networking only from what i have been reading online i have a 1.5gbit connection direct Fiber into the home the internet goes to a SFP that goes into a ISP provided all in one 1gbit switch with wifi i know the login information for my connection my question is if i was to put a 10gbit MNPA19-XTR for example into a pc and put the sfp in there instead of the router with the fiber attached naturally Running something like pfsense could i not use that as the router / firewall and have that connect to my wireless access points and more