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  1. Hey Guys, Just had a quick question about the internal measurements of Thermaltake's the tower 900. As I am planning to buy this case in the near future, I'd like to ask how wide are the two gaps beside the front console in the case? The case has a console in the front which can hold 2 3.5" drives in the middle and there's two gaps on both sides of this console intended to place reservoirs. I was just wondering whether anybody knows the width of these two gaps each? I will have two home made reservoirs which are both 11.5 cm wide, would they fit into there? Thanks a million! Gr, J.
  2. Jojobaplant

    The Water Cooling Gallery

    The "W"-machine (W as in whatever) Hm, the case is a decade-old Cooler Master HAF 932 which I had just sitting around and with too much time on my hands I decided to give it a revamp. The loop is my very first custom build water loop. So far it's running stable afaics with following temps: CPU: 35 idle, 36-41 under average load, 46-48 under stress testing GPU: 35 idle, 44 after 30 mins of Heaven running, of which 1 benchmark on high quality and 1 on ultra high quality Water temps: idle: 26.6 with room temp of 24 and 31.3 after said 30 mins of Heaven benchmark testing RAM - haven't checked yet, but I assume they're ok Loop: RAM-CPU-GPU Rads: 1x120 and 1x360 (all that case allows for) both XSPC ultra thin white TX120 and TX360 Pump: EK-XTOP Revo D5 pwm CPU block: EK monoblock MSI X470 pro Carbon Piping: petg (2nd choice, but since it's my first and acrylic is not the easiest girlfriend, I decided on petg for now) Reservoir: home made, app. 1.8 liters capacity Fittings: Barrow, about 3 dozen of them if not more System specs: MoBo: MSI X470 Gaming pro Carbon (used for over a decade Gigabyte, but switched to MSI last year - would never ever buy an Asus) CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X @ 4.15 gHz (last time I bought an Intel was in 1998 - would never buy an Intel again - let's say I don't like monopolists) RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB (4x8) @3000 mHz GPU: MSI Geforce GTX 1070 Seahawk EK X 8GB (not overclocked yet) Storage: 3 nvme's (Samsung, Patriot and WD 205 GB, 480 GB and 512 GB); 2 SSD's (OCZ and HyperX both 250 GB); 2 HD's (Toshiba and Seagate Barracuda @ 3TB and @ 2TB); SoundCard (yes - I have one; onboard audio is just not good enough for me) : Sound BlasterX AE-5 PSU: Corsair RM 850i Propellors: 4 ThermalTake Riing + 120, 1 Cooler Master 230 mm (from the original case) and 1 aerocool 200 mm blue propellor, of which I removed the led). Also, I have customized cables, but you won't see them as it's paneled off - don't like too much visible cables in the case, hence I made the panels around the MoBo. Sarcastically enough, the only main cable you see is the one of the GPU power, which I forgot to order in that configuration - ordering it next week and will replace it with the light blue version once in. Color scheme is Wriyon-blue (a hint lighter than baby blue: https://www.color-hex.com/color/bee1ff )/White with some accents of very dark Green, sky blue and electric blue. The leds are in the same RGB scheme as the Wriyon blue, they seem white, but there's a hint of blue in there. Hope you like it. Made the front io panel myself - will do that again, but all the buttons, the usb3 plugs, the audio jacks the water temp reader and the general temps screen I built in myself. NB: Wriyon is a little local project that I have running here to help stir the love for reading and writing in school kids. It may not be as flashy and super duper as the other builds, but I made it all by hand without any tools except a drill, a heat gun and a sanding machine (heck, I don't even have a shed or workbench) and I am proud of it
  3. Jojobaplant

    Welcome to the Linus Tech Tips forum!

    I'm here already for a bit, but I completely forgot to say "hi". Suppose I'm the stereotypical rude Dutch person here. So: Hi from Ireland!
  4. Jojobaplant

    Is this normal?

    Sorry for getting back so late - been rather busy last couple of days. The problem has fixed itself: slowly but surely the bubble got smaller and now that I changed the test liquid for the final coolant, there is no bubble at all anymore - as you can see in the picture. Have some other (minor) issues, but I will figure that out once I get the time to get to that. In the mean time thanks a million for your answers and suggestions! Greatly appreciated. Shortly I will post pics of my first custom water loop build in the respective gallery Gr, J.
  5. Jojobaplant

    Is this normal?

    They have been fixed already before I took this picture. I just left the paper towel on there. All leaks have been fixed and what you see in wetness there is residue from previous leaks. So it's all good so far. In fact, I still have that paper towel laying there and the spills have dried by now.
  6. Jojobaplant

    Is this normal?

    Hi turtle, Thank you for your reply. The right one on this pic is indeed the input while the one with the pocket in it is the output. I hope there's a way to fix this if this is not normal. Thanks again! Gr, J.
  7. Jojobaplant

    Is this normal?

    Hi guys, I'm done building my custom water loop and am now running a leak test of 24 hours. It seems like the bleeding is all done, except in the monoblock, about which I have a question: looking at the pic below, you see that the second chamber is only partly filled with water and a measly stream pours from one chamber to the other, leaving, what I think is, an air pocket. But I could be wrong. Is this normal or should I try to bleed that out of there, which is going to be rather hell as I have a rather complicated loop?
  8. Jojobaplant

    Power Button

    So I did. Any answers?
  9. Jojobaplant

    Power Button

    Ok, so since everybody apparently has trouble reading, I post another picture here.
  10. Jojobaplant

    Power Button

    I know. That's why I described it.
  11. Jojobaplant

    Power Button

    Hey Guys, I have a small issue here: I've got this new button, a momentary switch with a green "angel eye" led ring, which I want to use as a power button for my comp. As you can see in the rather vague and blurry pic that I enclose, it's a six pin button and I know by now that the top one is the positive pin for the led, the bottom one is the negative pin for the led, the far-left one is the control pin and the far-right pin is the normally open pin. I also know that I want to connect to only these four mentioned in order to get the thing working. What happens now if I test it, is that the computer switches on, runs for a second and switches off and I am not sure as to why this happens. Anybody any advice on this?
  12. Jojobaplant

    Submersible Led

    Thank you for answering. I probably then will put it on the top of the reservoir. Should be fine as well. Thanks again. Gr, J.
  13. Jojobaplant

    Submersible Led

    Nobody has any experience with these type of leds? Yay, I'm unique
  14. Jojobaplant

    Submersible Led

    Hi guys, Just had a quick question: I recently bought this: https://www.ebay.ie/itm/Barrow-G1-4-RGB-LED-Lighting-Quartz-Glass-Module-5-MM-LED-Reservoir-Plugs-168/183384016376?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 I was wondering if this led module can be submersed in water as I plan to place it at the inside bottom of the reservoir, so in the water. Does anybody know whether this is possible? If not, I will just place it at the inside top of the reservoir as it's a large one that's not gonna be filled to the top anyway and the led is sealed. Appreciate your answers. Thanks! Gr, J.
  15. Jojobaplant

    Holes for water cooling fittings

    Thanks guys - I will buy a 11.8mm bit - will use my existing step bit to drill to 11 and the new one to enlarge to 11.8mm, else my acrylic will crack NB: as nothing is cheap in water cooling, it seems, this drill bit of course the most expensive of all. Except when you order them from China, which means that when I order them today, maybe I will have them by the end of the summer.