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  1. Yellow_

    Best way to give out passwords?

    How is this a misuse of lastpass? If you could inform me
  2. Yellow_

    Best way to give out passwords?

    Morse Code -- --- .-. ... . / -.-. --- -.. .
  3. I'm trying to disperse a master password for lastpass among just my department, what is the best method of transportation? Verbal? is E-Mail Safe enough?
  4. Yellow_

    Business Storage/Server?

    Budget wise, if on contract probably <400CAD a month but if buying and operating on our own is an option then anywhere up to 1500 (not including hard drives) should be in budget Still in regards to bandwidth, I have no idea. I'd ask the IT guy for help but hes lazy as shit and will throw this project under the rug, sadly. So I'm forced to learn some networking stuff which is pretty out of my comfort zone compared to consumer pc's and stuff of the like
  5. Yellow_

    Business Storage/Server?

    All are pretty undefined as of now, just looking for options really I'll take a look at those, thanks
  6. Yellow_

    New pc build

    List your full specs please Tried reseating all connectors and ram?
  7. Yellow_

    What the best keyboard ?

    Browns are quieter but give a good click, that's what I'd get at least
  8. Yellow_

    Business Storage/Server?

    My work needs something for better cloud storage. I work in the marketing department and currently we use the adobe creative cloud for graphics storage and most other storage we need the cloud for. And its really shitty. Whats the best way to go about this? We have people all over Canada so they need access to the storage wherever they are.