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  1. Sledgestone

    Should I delid?

    I’ve come to the conclusion that the Define S just have bad airflow because it’s meant to be a silent case. I’ve read several other who has the same problem as me with airflow. Now however I have a whole different problem. All of the sudden my overclock became really unstable. Crashing both in RealBench and Prime. I think that the problem is because of my newly added fans. I have a 3 way splitter from my motherboards fan header and I think that it must be overloaded or something. When it’s plugged in RealBench crashes almost immediately with Luxmark instability. Without the three front fans nothing crashes. How is that possible?
  2. Sledgestone

    Should I delid?

    Just wanted to add an update. I replaced my old fans with 4 Corsair ML140 basic edition and added another exhaust in the top as well as an intake at the bottom. So now I have 4 intakes and 2 exhausts. Ran Prime95 with the side and front panel off after mounting the new fans. CPU temp dropped from 74 to 63 and GPU from 75 to 64. Got really excited, but then I put the side and front back on.. Temps went up to 71. How is that possible? Almost everyone says that if I have proper airflow, temps wouldn’t differ much? If anything they should be lower with the case closed. Could my case just have that bad airflow? Just cleaned the case, so there’s no dust. No cables are restricting the air either.
  3. Sledgestone

    Should I delid?

    I guess that I’ll put the delidding on hold for now. What about the temperatures I’m having? Are they normal for my cooling solution? Because I’ve seen people state much lower temps with the noctua nh d15 at higher voltages. One thing that that bothers me is that I’m having almost the same temps while gaming and when I’m stress testing. Is that how it should be?
  4. Sledgestone

    Should I delid?

    I have been thinking about delidding for a while now, but I can't really decide if it's worth it. Running an i5 8600k at 4.8Ghz with 1.28v at the moment. Case is a Fractal Design define S with 3 intake fans and 1 exhaust. Cpu cooler is a Noctua nh-d15. Temperatures on the highest core is 70 degrees while playing Pubg. Cpu package is 66 degrees. I'm getting max temperatures of 74 degrees while running Prime95 26.6 and Realbench stresstest. This is with an ambient temp of 20-21 degrees and might climb up to 23-24 during summer. I had better temps before I changed my motherboard from Asus z370-p to a Asrock fatality k6. Roughly 5 degrees less. First I thought that it was just that the cooler was mounted incorrectly or that the thermal paste was bad, but I've remounted and re pasted several times without any change. It would be nice to reach 5Ghz, but I fear that temps would be too high. Before the motherboard change I could do 5Ghz at 1.38v at around 82 degrees in prime95,. but now it would be much higher. So what do you think? Should I delid or not?