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  1. Fivenines

    Motherboard temperatures

    Alright, thank you. Will try to get a better quality motherboard later.
  2. Fivenines

    Kraken x62

    Alright, thank you for the replies. I figured I could take it to the service where they change the pump itself. Oh well, hope it lasts for a few years more. Got it 1 year ago. I'll try out the fans.
  3. Fivenines

    Kraken x62

    Hello, Have anyone tried changing built-in fans for liquid coolers like kraken x62? I personally think I could get fans with triple the airflow and speed with the same noise level for it, but i'm not sure how it would affect the cooling system. Liquid cooling is a whole new level for me, I didn't even know how to properly end my sentence. Do you also have to get these pumps changed sooner or later and within what time lapse? I already tried contacting support before but it seems we hate each other over n*xt.
  4. Hello, Currently have B350 Tomahawk Arctic myself, which I plan on changing. How do i get the temperature on the motherboard low? Which coverage materials do I need for the motherboard and from which materials the parts should be made from to get the lowest temp? I never really explored much about this side of hardware. Used to just check if my CPU fits, now it's a whole different story. Every detail has to be accurate, just like the cooling system. I'd like to know based on what changers should I pick a new motherboard for the lowest temperature for the motherboard itself. I'll make another topic soon with my PC build and ask for possible better motherboard solutions. I myself have narrowed down a few myself but I'm sure others opinions over this forum add more value and information to this than me just checking if everything fits and reading motherboard reviews which aren't always good.
  5. Fivenines

    PSA: Asus customer support bull crap

    Other than the products they sell, everything else is ****. I speak from experience. Not just one, nor three. Maybe around 13 times I've had a problem with ASUS and the problems never got solved.
  6. Fivenines

    Hardware order

    Alright, thank you for the replies.
  7. Fivenines

    6 fans

    Alright, thank you for all the replies.
  8. Fivenines

    6 fans

    For now i can tell CPU idle jumps between 27-30C, GPU idle is 40C, but then again twin frozr fans aren't working unless under a load so it could go lower. And CASE temp seems to be higher than both, up to 50. I will check specifics when i get home tonight. I started the thread when riding to work. I never expected such quick replies. Sorry in advance.
  9. Fivenines

    Hardware order

    Your signature is short and slick, I like it. But should the signature be more user friendly? I guess everyone knows a little about tech here so no need to specify what Ryzen 1800x means.
  10. Fivenines

    6 fans

    As a computer owner, you should always measure the AMBIENT temps.I myself unfortunately never had thought about that. This is my second PC ever owned. I think it's around 20-20C inside and -5 outside. I'll buy a device to measure it accurately now that you've asked such a question. I get the point of your question. Idle temps and Ambient temps should not be close to each other. I will most definitely need a cooling solution to vamp down the ambient temp to 15C or so as I'm a fan of cold myself. Would it be something dangerous to allow something push colder air into the front fans directly? Because where I live, if it's 30C outside, it'll be 30C inside. That's a huge problem I guess. But i'll rather change my apartment than ruin this baby I've been tweaking.
  11. Fivenines

    Hardware order

    Hello, For the signature, in which order should i place the components? Does it depend on the necessity for the computer to run efficiently? Or does it depend on popularity like CPU and GPU? Best regards, Norman
  12. Fivenines

    6 fans

    So all of the fans would require the same airflow to avoid conflict which leads to higher temps? If i were to get fans with CFM 70+ i'd possibly have to replace the liquid cooler fans also. Someone stated over the forums that it would be best to have more pushing power than pulling. Then should I put bigger vents at the front? According to my knowledge, if the forces are not equal you'll have more dust and hot air whirling around in your case if the pulling force is not as great. I can see why people don't take risks with 5-6+ fans.
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  13. Fivenines

    6 fans

    Hello, My ryzen 1800x idle is 30c with a mixed paste(don't kill me) and msi gtx 1080 40c without vents spinning. I know some have told me my temps are decent but i'd still like to get my cpu to 25c-ish and gpu to 30-38 range. Would 6 case fans help? It must depend on the airflow also can different fans with different airflow parameter but the same physical size impact the cooling solution? I don't plan on using all the power, I don't plan on streaming or doing high-end stuff. I just like things to be calm, clean. Theres no word called "balanced" in my dictionary, what does it mean? From phone I'll add pictures and specs soon. Best regards, Norman