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  1. Have you gone back to the store yet?
  2. Have you tried another one of the 6 pin connector(or which ever one is the CPU) usually u get 2 if I'm not mistaken
  3. That definitely sounds lime a faulty psu to me
  4. I think they may have given you a dummy psu
  5. I've only made one build but isn't the 20+4 pin connector supposed to be connected for anything to work(i can't see it connected in the photo)
  6. Also is there any chance you could have gotten some static and shocked the motherboard because even the smallest of static can fry the whole thing
  7. I mean the pins that would connect to your cases power button, have you connected them to your case already and if not get a screwdriver and short them
  8. I know this is a dumb question but did you actually turn it on by the front pannel connectors with your on button (or by shorting it) because I know when I first built my PC I plugged everything in and flicked the switch at the wall but freaked out when nothing happened but then realised I didn't press the on button
  9. I don't expect anyone on here to have any knowledge of this as Minecraft is a very basic thing but it's worth a shot. So I have installed the worldguard and world edit plugins on my server, I set pos1 and pos2 and extend to sky limit and bedrock, then I define the region but only a little square out of the huge region is protected?
  10. My Monitor will go black for about 5 secs every say 5 mins and i have downloaded the driver for my AOC AG322FCX but i am unsure how to install it any tips would be great
  11. Well let's hope it's a digital key because the only sticker on it at the bottom is scratched to crap
  12. So I want to sell my laptop so I completely wiped it and now it comes up with region and everything keyboard settings ect then i click next and it says your computer is restarting please connect to the Wi-Fi by pressing next and we will install an update. I click next then it will say just a moment for ages then it will restart again and just repeat
  13. is there any way i can install one?
  14. Hi i have just built my new pc i would love a list of links to download my required driversi also cant access my wireless internet and cant find the driver needed for it my specs are: cpu: Amd ryzen 5 2400g gpu GIgabyte gtx 1050ti motherboard gigabyte b450m ds3h ram corsair vengeance