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  1. DOM2000js

    Physical PC connected to virtual switch

    Well thanks, I'll try that
  2. DOM2000js

    Y'all Got Any Router Suggestions?

    I would go with something openwrt or pfSense compatible, cause you can setup everything on your one and lets be honest, Linux is awesome but of not Netgear, tp-link, Cisco and ubiquiti do some great routers
  3. DOM2000js

    Physical PC connected to virtual switch

    So what you mean is that I should create a pfSense VM with one virtual internal interface for passing through the internet and than secondly the physical nic, right?
  4. DOM2000js

    Physical PC connected to virtual switch

    I have 2 nics, one to the main router (witch should only see the main desktop) and the second one I bought for the second physical Maschine to connect to my main desktop
  5. DOM2000js

    NAS Build Help Needed!!!

    Try to find a cheap hba and use something like glusterfs, you only have to find a case to store all these drives
  6. Good morning from Germany, I would like to connect a physical Maschine to a virtual internal switch (for example in hyper-v) to test software without having multiple machines available to the router. Haven't tried it yet but if I would create a pfSense VM with a physical nic to the PC and a internal one for internet connectivity wouldn't work, right?