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  1. i have replaced the H70, with a new corsair H80i V2. temps are much better now, 30+ minute prime 95 torture test is sitting about 50c with a peaks to 55c now. as for a good air cooler, i did look into that, but i was having issues finding reliable information for how large the Antec p183 would take, i couldn't find anything official, and could only find random, old forum posts with claims of size ranges between 160mm and 170mm max height. as i didn't want to buy a good Noctua, Phanteck, BeQuiet! or similar tower, only to not be able to fit my side panel again, as the ones i was interested in, were all claiming 160-175mm height requirements, i chose another similar AIO water cooler to what i had been using as i knew that would fit. thanks to everyone who's offered insight into this for me.
  2. well, with a side panel off, and my ear up to the system, i can hear a strong, noticeable ticking, that was obscured by the side panels and the computer being under a desk. stopping every single fan didn't stop the noise, and using software to adjust pump speed did seem to change the speed of the ticking. does it mean the pump is about to expire? i cant say. what i can say is if a normal fan was making that level of racket id be replacing it. hence, it appears im making a trip to my local memory express. also, antec p183, the side panels are an effective noise damper. with the side panel off, sitting at my desk i can still hear the tick, faintly, but its there.
  3. i cant hear any odd noises from the system, tomorrow ill make the time to pull the side panel with it running, get my ear in to see if i can hear anything being masked or muffled by heavy case side panels. thanks.
  4. as title says, I am using a old, probably closing in on 8 years now, Corsair H70 on my stock clocked i5-6600k. it was originally bought new for an i5-2500k that was upgraded a few years back, and the cooler, reused. idle temps in my equally as old Antec P183 are about 30c idle, low 50s under gaming load(wow world quests), and Prime 95 pushes cpu temps to high 60's but not hitting 70c in any of my recent temperature tests. so temperatures are still seemingly well controlled. but the simple age of the cooler is beginning to give me pause. i am unsure if i should be replacing the cooler simply because its seen almost 8 years of daily use, or if my nagging concern of late is un-warranted. as the cooler is still going strong, and is fine to keep going for now. any insights would be appreciated.