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  1. Bit rot and the annoyances of Windows 10 have left my brother wanting to dabble in Linux and its many flavors. First, the specs, courtesy of Windows 10's about page CPU: AMD A6-5200 APU with Radeon(TM) HD Graphics 2.00 GHz GPU: AMD Radeon HD 8400/R3 Series 4 Gigs of RAM Secondly, purpose. All he does is browse with Chrome and listen to music, so nothing he'll really lose out on, I guess besides putting music on his phone with ITunes, as much as we abhor it. Being a beginner at Linux and lazy, he shouldn't use something that relies entirely on full terminal know-how yet. I guess what we want is a fairly streamlined and simple experience. Nothing special and (relatively) easy to update. Just something to use Chrome, Audacity, and VLC on. So to start off, what Distro should he go for? Compatibility with the hardware and ease of updates is key. Then, what desktop environment? I was thinking Cinnamon because it's so similar to Windows, but we know they tend to work better with certain Distros, so we're free to any ideas. I am still getting into Linux myself and I would like to know what security measures should be taken besides good ol' uBlock Origin. I know you can set up a firejail, but I personally do not have experience doing that. Thank you.
  2. Title. My insurance Iphone has become unusable. It would have these moments where It doesn't respond upon touching or going crazy with stuff. Now, this has gone from a moment I might have a few times a day, to forever. I need a phone due to my current situation of being in an out of state university. This insurance phone is my 3rd one. I got a new Iphone 6 April 2015 as the first cellphone I ever owned. A month later, the screen started not working properly. Switched it out for a new one at the apple store. Whatever. Fall 2017, my phone's cell signal stops working. We get the insurance replacement, which proves itself to be garbage. I don't feel content with buying Apple's new models, for one, because of the headphone jack exclusion, and because I feel they have just stopped trying at all. Thing is, and it is the only thing I can give them respect for, is that iOS has a smoothness that I don't think I can go without. I would love some recommendations or maybe some advice as to if I can replace the insurance phone's parts with ones that are closer to original, as the problems are certainly hardware.
  3. Title. Our current router is nothing but trash. Brother's looking for a replacement. He was originally just going to get a Netduma, but he read something negative and decided that he should be more careful about what we get. I thought here would be a good place to ask. Some info regarding what we're looking for: 1. We're willing to spend a little over $200 2. The Wireless capabilities are all that matter. Due to the design of the house, ethernet isn't convenient as there are only 2 ethernet ports in the whole 1 story house 3. There is a minimum of 13 devices in the home that can connect to it, so bandwidth is important 4. The router should be capable of accommodating 1 system or computer in the midst of online gaming whilst there are 4 or 5 other people watching, let's say, 720p video on their devices I hope I don't come as whiny or naive. I know about computers, but not too much about routers. The current one constantly shuts off and we're sick of it. We've looked everywhere and there doesn't seem to be a solution. Time to scrap it as far as we're concerned. Thank you!