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  1. Futuremadman02

    Help with nvram error, no post

    also, here is a Q-Code dump Power ON 0001:01 0000:FF 0002:70 0003:3F 0006:02 0004:FF 0019:FF 0014:6A 00A1:13 00A3:25 00A7:14 00A9:13 00AA:2E 00AB:13 00AF:2B 00B0:FF 00B1:-- DUMPing.... DUMP Finish
  2. so I have an Asus z10pe-d8 motherboard with 2x4gb of ddr4 ECC reg ram and an e5 2690 v3 CPU and I am getting a postcode of 69 which when I looked it up, means NVRAM initialization. The led next to the ram which would indicate an error is not glowing so there isn't a ram led as far as I can tell. And I have tested two different modules with the same result. I have the ram in the first slot and the CPU in the 1st socket also. I have cleaned the CPU, cleared the CMOS and replaced the battery, and reflashed the bios and installed the most recent one via the flashback function. I have also tested multiple psus to no avail. I'm at my wits end. Here is a link to the board's website https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/Z10PED8_WS/
  3. Futuremadman02

    laptop screen conversion with gsync

    ah, I see what you mean, so I would get the full 144hz but not the gsync. Thanks for your help! i wouldn't have ever thought to look for an in-depth analysis of the edp signal itself.
  4. Futuremadman02

    laptop screen conversion with gsync

    ah darn, thanks. Do you know if there is any way to retain the Gsync signal? and would i still get the full 144hz with that board even if i lost the gsync?
  5. Futuremadman02

    laptop screen conversion with gsync

    Hey all, I am trying to determine if i can take an Aorus X7 v7 laptop screen with an edp to DisplayPort board and still get the full 120hz and gsync. This is the board I was planning on using is this https://ebay.to/2SP5fmg but i will gladly use another board. thanks!