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Siddhant Mishra

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  1. Siddhant Mishra

    Which ram?

    Hey should I opt for 2400mhz ram and save some money or get 3000mhz ram for ryzen 5 2600. Saving a few bucks worth it?
  2. Siddhant Mishra

    Fps gaming mice

    Considering g403 is cheaper than rival 310 . Which should I opt for? And rival = g603 cost in my country . Now which?
  3. Siddhant Mishra

    Fps gaming mice

    How come !! I Digged his channels thoroughly and didn’t see this vid of his. I’ve been watching him for months now lol
  4. Siddhant Mishra

    Fps gaming mice

    Hey is the SteelSeries Rival 310. Good for fps games?
  5. Siddhant Mishra

    Which is better?

    Ryzen. Cuz I don’t think I’ll ever take it up to 32gb ram. So I wNt my settings to be at it’s best. So what’s u r opinion?
  6. Siddhant Mishra

    Which is better?

    16gb. Dual vs quad Chanel? 3000mhz for dual. And quad 2400mhz. ?
  7. Siddhant Mishra

    Which is better?

    Oc to what speed? Like what is the limit
  8. Siddhant Mishra

    Which is better?

    2x4gb ram 2400mhz. Or. 1x8gb. 3000mhz ram .. single Chanel vs dual?
  9. Siddhant Mishra

    Gaming mouse

    In India epic mice are overpriced. So I want to take only one shot . Which I want to have no regret about..... as far as hands. I’ve 18.5x10 cm
  10. Siddhant Mishra

    Gaming mouse

    I just came from that Chanel. Cool reviewer but didn’t get the kind of answer I wanted so...... what do u use btw?
  11. Siddhant Mishra

    Gaming mouse

    Hey I am starting out with FPS games. I wanna buy the Logitech g402. Is it any good?
  12. Hey guys I don’t care about movie-grade colours nor i’ll Do any editing. I want a monitor for pure gaming,performance and daily browsing.... I am looking for this monitor acer kg251q (75hz,1ms). Is this good? It looks sleek though
  13. Hey I wanted a 144Hz gaming monitor .....I’ve my eyes on the acer kg241QP. (144Hz,1ms) is this monitor good. I don’t care about the thick bezels though...... is this good?
  14. Siddhant Mishra

    Is this mobo good?

    So I am going for that then thanks
  15. Siddhant Mishra

    What are your opinions on lg 24mp59g ips moinitor with 75 hz refresh rate

    But response time gets affected? Btw that acer monitor looks good to you?