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  1. Appreciate the answer but it's (-01) not (01). I researched a lot and finally concluded that the best way to conclusively say that a model is the v2 is to check the serial number and if it starts with XK then it is the v2. So many websites confused me by saying v2 starts with XKW. I think that's true for American regions not the rest of the world as I found two Germans with the same issue as me. (Source : https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Support/Nintendo-Switch/How-to-Identify-Nintendo-Switch-Consoles-With-Improved-Battery-Life-1671732.html )
  2. I bought a new Nintendo Switch today. I'm pretty certain that it is the v2 as I bought the one with a red background on the box. As I was looking stuff up about the device, I found out that the serial number on the v2 switches start with XKW but my switch's serial number starts with XKJ. I am a bit confused as to what the deal with that is. I tried searching for answers but couldn't find anything conclusive about the matter. Any help will be appreciated.
  3. Hey @BuckGup, understand that not everything that is used to attract viewers is clickbait. He also wasn't 'stretching the truth', just directly addressing the matter.
  4. He seems to really not understand the situation. And he clearly hates Linus. I've made a comment on his video but maybe someone could explain him better.