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  • Birthday 2004-01-23

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    Lynnwood Washington
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    Computers, video games, and cooking
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  • CPU
    R5 2600@3.8 ghz
  • Motherboard
    ROG Strix x370-f
  • RAM
    4x8 3322mhz
  • GPU
    RX 570
  • Case
    Sleeper case
  • Storage
    120gb ssd, 500gb wd black 7200rpm, 4tb wd blue
  • PSU
    Enermax 750watt dual fan 80+gold
  • Display(s)
    1080p 60hz TV
  • Cooling
    stock 1600 cooler
  • Keyboard
    corsair rgb mx red
  • Mouse
    Random dell mouse
  • Sound
    2.1 surround sound headphones
  • Operating System
    Windows 10
  • Laptop
    lenovo t420

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  1. That is the problem, I dont know what I want to do with a server if I get one. So both I guess
  2. I am looking at building a server for usage with unraid (Maybe?) If I were to build something, What should I put in it? like things, unraid, freenas, etc.
  3. would a used 1080/1080ti be a reasonable upgrade or would a rtx/rx series be better
  4. Is the rx 570 powerful enough to run this? it reccomeds a 480 or gtx 970?
  5. so the basic specs of my pc: r5 2600 @3.8 ghz stock 1600 heatsink (the larger one but not largest) x370-f mobo 32gb ram @3366 mhz no timing controll rx 570 with slight oc 120gb ssd, 4 tb hdd, 500gb hdd, poor quality 60hz samsung tv $5 mouse off amazon and if you need any other info about my pc just ask. So I am planning to upgrade my pc and get a vr headset. I am wanting to get the headset, maybe a new gpu, headset if posible and monitor if possible. The games I want to play when I get it, Minecraft with a texture pack and rtx if possible, beatsaber, vrchat, the new half life game, and a couple others I have to get this in $1000, 1100 max I was planning to maybe get a used 1080ti, the oculas rift s, and 144hz monitor, and this would equal about 1050. should I get something else? just wondering before I buy
  6. I am starting to think about changing my pc to a rack mounted (definatly not inspired), What would be the best rack mounted case. What gpu should I upgrade to, Planning to do 1440p 144hz, i have a rx 570. thinking about a 2070S And what 1440p 144hz monitor should I get? planning on the VIOTEK GN27D 27.0" 2560x1440 144 Hz Monitor I have a budget of $800 US
  7. i put it in the sun then used an old can of redbull i found, mixed it with water, added more sugar for safety, then put all 3 in the sun
  8. How do I get rid of ants from laptops and A desktop.
  9. I have the Strix x370-f and corsair 3000mhz 2x8 non oc yet (2133 mhz). I have the Enermax Revolution Duo 700w 80+ Gold
  10. I have yet to oc ram yet. it is set to 2133 rn. when these problems are solved, i will oc it, but it is rated 3000mhz
  11. My computer has been having some problems recently when replacing components in it. Mobo, ram, cooler, and a new ssd. What i call "hard locking" where the system crashes "idk if it is a crash or not" where the computer stops sending video and things like the power switch and reset switch stop responding. there is no mob beeping. you can see my problem in the gpu section from me, but i have a suspicion that it is not the gpu that is the issue. What can i do to troubleshoot
  12. I was able to get into windows but my entire computer kinda froze with no video output, this has happened once before. It freezes really hard to the point of the power buttons don't work for turning it off. I don't entirely think it is a gpu issue. I am going to move this to general troubleshooting
  13. My gnu (RX 560 OC) only runs when in bios w/o windows. when i try to get into windows it stops sending video, fan stops spinning, and then it overheats, to the point i can feel it when my hand is near it (not touching it). I am planning to upgrade in a month but i don't have a working computer. And since I'm running rizen 5 1600 so no integrated graphics, i have replaced the fan, used both outputs (Dvi-i and hdmi), replaced the thermal paste