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  1. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07TG1X4XD/ref=ox_sc_act_image_2?smid=AN43ZP96D1535&psc=1
  2. NVMe M key for Samsung USB 3.1 would this work and would you see good performance, I don't have the money for it but would be interested in finding this out.
  3. I upgraded this emachine el1333g-01w, with 8gb of ddr2 ram, which is 4gb past what was recommended to see if it could (which it does), the emachine boots up and goes into windows 10 perfectly fine with the new upgraded processor to the amd phenom II 9850 cpu, however I want to be able to get into the bios for this emachine, but it just gets stuck on a screen with a blinking _ underscore... Also if I do nothing during the boot sequence I get the same result this one guy got on techguy, see attached link. I need help with this as I do not know what else to do, I like revising old pc's to be able to play semi-modern titles, my plan is to get into the bios to fix the ram to run at 800mhz and to actually see the cpu in the bios instead of having to boot into windows to see the cpu, as I have a feeling it is only using one core at the moment. With this said I also upgraded the Power Supply to a 600watt modular 80 plus gold, I want to get within the next couple weeks a rx 570 4G for this build, https://techguy.org/1171963
  4. Okay thank you, I do believe though the price is a bit higher I'm going to have to go with the 5700 GPU so I get better performance on it, though I will think about the 580, I expect the 5700 would be best price to performance, cause I want to go for frame rates and everything else to be able to either use the build or flip it depending on how well it performs.
  5. So the RX 570 is about 78 us dollars the RX 580 8G is 120 us dollars in my area, and a Radeon 5700 is 290 us dollars, I would like to game on 1440p but as far as these prices which would you choose?
  6. So this is the CPU I'll be using any ideas for the GPU???
  7. 275 us dollars and yes that's eBay pricing the i7 7700t is around 150 us dollars however it's going to take about 1 to 2 months to get here.
  8. So we got the CPU what's the best bang for the buck gpu I was looking at the RX 5700 but what do you all think?
  9. Ok so the i7 7700t is going to take about a month to get here now that we have the processor what's the best price to performance GPU I was looking at the RX 5700, but what do you think?
  10. So I am building a new PC I already have the artic b250m motherboard, 24gb of ddr4 installed and a 128gb m.2 drive on the motherboard all I need is the best CPU and GPU combo I also have a corsair modular PSU gold 850 watt.
  11. Okay thank you guys for the input no I was just throwing the idea out to really find out if it would be worth it or not thank you though.