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  1. Weedl

    MSI Afterburner sliders??

  2. So.. I can just turn all this shit up to overclock?
  3. Weedl

    Cooling Problems?

    No there is a gaping hole in the middle lol
  4. So i recently started a topic where i asked if this case is good enough for the components that i have in my PC : 8700K 1080 16GB DDR4 This is the case. I did not build this PC myself,i had a company build my PC. As someone who knows nothing of PC's i cheaped out on the case because i didn't think it would be a problem, until someone told me it was. Most people said i did not have to change te case, but that i should just remove the front and or side panel to resolve my cooling problem. But will that be an issue when it comes to dust? Thanks in advance. PS: I dont know what my temps are, nor do i know how to measure them. I tried installing MSI afterburner but that shit was like chinese to me.
  5. Weedl

    Cooling Problems?

    Yeah but is that a viable option? Wont there get too much dust inside?
  6. Weedl

    Cooling Problems?

    I bought a PRE-BUILD PC from a company that builds their own PC's. Im not tech savy so thats why i didn't want to build it myself. But i might of made a mistake, i cheaped out on the case. I got the MasterBox Lite 5 . It was only like 50 euro's and i spend like 1800 on the Desktop itself. A friend of mine told me that there isn't enough 'air flow' for the components that i have in my PC. The CPU is watercooled but its nothing fancy either, It's the MasterLiquid ML240L. I didnt have an option to select GPU cooling so im guessing they are just standard fans. After watching this vid my friend reffered me to, im a bit concerned. Is it necessary that i that i change the case? gtx 1080 8700K 16GB DDR4 850W PSU