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    NC, USA
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    Mill Technician


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    Intel Core i7-960
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    Alienware 04VWF2
  • RAM
    24GB DDR3
  • GPU
    Twin 7770's
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    Alienware Aurora
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    180GB SSD, 500GB HDD, 1TB HDD
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    Twin Eizo 24" 1080p
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    Logitech K520
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    Logitech M310
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    Logitech X230
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. The biggest selling points on a phone these days for me are the the screen, camera, and battery life. That's basically all flagships these days, and most service providers and big box stores have such limited demo's that narrowing down something is hard. I dislike most android interfaces as they become clunky and bloated with their own crap (e.g. LG with their entire lineup and Google with the Pixel) and I could give a crap about any kind of gimmicky waving over the screen or even a pen. So long as the interface is streamlined, records awesome video, can last all day without having to hover around an outlet with a charger, takes gorgeous pictures, has a vibrant and bright screen, and can survive my work environment (although it'll live in a rugged case), I'm sold.
  2. I've outgrown my MacBook Pro as it's a 2011 model and am finding myself spending more and more time in front of my space heater of a gaming desktop. I'm looking at replacing it with a 17" laptop that can handle photo editing, video editing, and gaming. I'm not terribly interested in dropping a couple of grand on a brand new laptop. I'm an avid eBay'er and Craislist'er looking for good deals, especially on electronics that are a year or two old to save money and get somewhat caught up with the times. Any recommendations for used stuff, or is the market flooded enough with various levels of hardware now that all price points are an option these days?
  3. If that's the main deciding factor, headphone jack...lol. The reasoning that the 9 is superior?
  4. My main source of income is as a mill technician at a paper mill. On the side, when my work schedule allows, I also work as a stagehand and assistant lighting designer for a production company. Even further than that, I will also work on your car for a case of beer. Support your local alcoholic!
  5. Aside from the original Motorola Droid X and X2 as well as the LG V20, I've been a lifetime iPhone user with my most recent the XS Max. I absolutely love it. However, I'm contemplating switching providers and the one I'm considering switching to would pay off my current phone and allow me to bring it over. That's a plus as it would allow me to give my wife the XS Max and ditch her cracked X. With that being said, I have watched hours of phone reviews and comparisons. My brain is fried trying to decide. Unfortunately, with the US ban of Huawei, I have to write off those options. I've narrowed down to the S10+ and the Note 10+...but choosing between the two is where I'm stuck. Hands on in a store is about damn near useless...so I'm coming to the community to decide. What is the community's thoughts between the two when switching from iOS as a new permanent daily driver?
  6. They are older...I don't remember exact specs, but they're not too terribly archaic. AMD quad cores, DDR3 memory...not terrible.
  7. Is it worthwhile to piece together the parts necessary to convert an old tower to a what I'm looking for, or just pick up a factory server?
  8. Are the 720's relatively quiet at idle/minor load? It'll be sitting in my office.
  9. Haven't really calculated a budget. How is the R720 for power draw? Mainly using it as a low latency, high bandwith, streaming and storage server with the occasional VM usage. As for what I have out of old rigs, I've got everything but RAID controllers and a hot-swappable cage and back plane.
  10. I'm looking at replacing a couple of network devices as well. I've got an aging NAS device as well as a Poweredge 2900 (900w constant draw) that I'm wanting to replace with a lower powered replacement. I've got a few older AMD rigs sitting in my garage taking up space that I can use their guts for the build, but I'm looking for some advice as to what peripherals I should consider adding. I'm wanting RAID and hot-swapability. What bits of hardware should I look for? Any recommendations on enclosures for the hardware?
  11. I'd love to know more about it. I've tried watching YT videos about how to set it all up and read some write ups, but most are confusing to me as to what hardware I need to fully setup my network. Hopefully the community here can provide some better direction than I have found lol.
  12. With my previous employer, I sat in on a bunch of Meraki webinars and received two access points, a switch, and a firewall/router. I love the throughput and remote management with their products. However, my free 3 year trial is coming to an end and I cannot afford their enterprise pricing for license extensions and renewals. So, with that being stated, I'm looking for an alternative. I'm looking to replace my current setup with a similar package that has remote management and hopefully no annual license fees. What's out there that would be a comparable replacement and what all would I need to set it up? I've done a little research into ubiquiti, but I don't know much about their system and setup.
  13. @SolarNova For longevity sake, which of the two would recommend?