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  1. 1660ti, and I'd suggest this one https://pcpartpicker.com/product/c4F48d/evga-geforce-gtx-1660-ti-6-gb-sc-ultra-gaming-video-card-06g-p4-1667-kr it's almost half the price of 2060 super and can deliver almost the same performance
  2. If you want higher FPS, then definitely the GPU, but you can also turn down the game settings if you're ok with that
  3. So I got one of those weird extended cables that have multiple headers, does it matter which header I use?
  4. So if I get a N Wifi networking card would it work with an AC router and vice versa?
  5. Heh, don't worry, my paranoia exceeds even my expectations
  6. Aight, I'm gonna look extensively. Thanks guys
  7. Trying to build a budget PC rn

  8. As long as there's a 80+ certification, the power supply, in most cases (pun totally intended) will not blow up right? Some people say that below an 80+ bronze (including 80+) will more than likely cause you issues, so I just wanted to make this clear.
  9. Yeah you're right, might as well get a 2060 then
  10. No overclocking btw, just at stock speed
  11. Now, out of the four; which is best for its price and power? (at MSRP)