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  1. gotcha, well, if you remember to do so, i would appreciate the info, and i also meant what radiator core did you go with for the EK setup.
  2. @CCPSSteve which core did you opt for? care to share the temps you see at idle, and under load?
  3. thanks, my only hesitation with custom loop is that this will be my first liquid cooling endeavor,
  4. bummer man, sorry to hear that, but glad you mentioned it, I will probably avoid Enermax then,
  5. @King Poet First off, sorry to drag you back to this oldish thread, but I am finally about to pull the trigger on my Threadripper Virtualization build, and wanted to do a quick sanity check. So i have pretty well settled in on the Zenith Extreme Alpha, and the 2950x, but my question to you is this, have you been satisfied with the Enermax LiqTech TR4 II 360? I have read some pretty negative reviews on it, and just thought I would ask you about your experience with it, I am thinking either just getting a Noctua NH-U14S TR4-SP3 for the time being, then upgrading down the road to either an AiO or custom loop, I have been having some issues finding compatibility listed straight out for TR4 sockets on many of the AiO websites descriptions, Thanks,
  6. nice, if you do get a chance to play with it today, I would be interested in seeing how your results turn out!
  7. Silicon Lottery ? and no, we arent necessarily supposed to just change chips, its just that the 4770k is now almost a 6 year old chip, and those that purchased at launch (myself included), have been using for a solid amount of time now. I was musing that the haswell chips seem to be a rock solid chip, that a large portion of people are still using, especially since the 4770k at least has been discontinued for just over 3 years now as well.
  8. basically this guy. https://www.youtube.com/user/MrBeast6000
  9. Awesome! you should let me know how high you can take it! I would be interested in your results.
  10. Gotcha, really, its not to much to tackle. you can find fully built out CSS and just tweak it to what you want it to look like, if you wanted to get that gem up and running.
  11. sorry, just quoting one of LTT sponsors. you can take online courses in damn near everything you could want from those sites. https://www.skillshare.com/ https://lynda.com https://www.udemy.com/
  12. Always a good plan. you never know when you will need to stretch that extra little bit.