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  • CPU
    Intel i9 9900k; 5.1 GHz OC
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte Aorus Master
  • RAM
    Corsair LPX 3000, 32 GB
  • GPU
    Strix 2080 ti
  • Case
    Fractal Design Define R6
  • Storage
    Samsung 970 EVO, Samsung 850 EVO, Seagate Barracuda 3 TB
  • PSU
    EVGA Supernova 850
  • Display(s)
  • Cooling
    Noctua NH-D15
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. Zberg

    Is a GTX1060 6gb still a valid card??

    This is the value judgement I made when I made my LAN/work mobile set-up. Was looking for something that could basically play 1080p at 60 fps consistently on high to ultra settings in games. Was initially thinking a 1060 or 1070 would fit the bill, but on browsing ebay and craigslist for a while, I was finding no deals worth the decrease in performance of the 1060; the 1070 of course would be similar in performance and maybe deals have gotten better, but at the time nothing was a good enough deal (some more expensive for a used, some right at 280-290) to make me just forgo the used market hassle and get a new 1660ti complete with warranty. It is interesting to me that even right now the 1070 is 360-400 new on various sites. Almost every review I have seen has the 1660ti just a hair under-performing this card and its only 290. At those prices why wouldn't one just step up to a 2060? Whoever is trying to sell these still new 1070's is going to have a rough time with that.
  2. Zberg

    GTX 1680

    Ya I figured the overall span of this generation (kind of a combined generation) would be 1650, 1660, 1660 ti, and then going up from there, the RTX 2060 (1670 equiv would compete here), RTX 2070 (1680 equiv would compete), RTX 2080 (1680ti would compete), RTX 2080ti. There would be no motivation to make those high end 16 cards because so many would pass on the RTX to save a buck and the feature would be dead in the water.
  3. Zberg

    RTX 2080 Ti FE vs Aftermarket?

    I have a hard time getting a reference edition from Nvidia that is 200 more than they advertised. I expect the aftermarket models to be a little more as they are often OCd and coolers built up to 2.5-3 slots, giving you more headroom and making them more quiet. I would have an easier time getting the founders if it sold for the 999 it was supposed to, but if they are going to charge a hair less than the aorus/strix/gamingTrio? Ya ill go for one of those.
  4. Zberg

    Single 2080 ti vs 2x 2080s

    So, in getting the strix 2080 ti, I did lose some FPS in the games where it scales, but the difference in how cool my case/components stay, the noise level (which between the Noctua D15 and the strix, that rig is whisper quiet, barely makes a sound under load), and not having any artifacts in games is huge. Sometimes the artifacts were so minor it barely took away from the experience, but sometimes it was so glaring it completely ruins the scene with the SLI. So now I am hovering in the 100-140 range often in games in 1440p, but honestly, it still looks damn good, and the lack of artifacts and noise is such a delight. I did love the 160+ fps in games (my monitor goes up to 165 hz) while it actually stayed smooth, but the lighting and artifacts that came up were just not worth it. I kept the NV link bridge for the future in case it is ever worth it again to SLI, but after this experience, I will probably only single card from here on out. And seriously, I would be surprised if this set up gets over 40 db
  5. Zberg

    Single 2080 ti vs 2x 2080s

    I can tell you this from recent first hand experience. Go with the 2080 ti. I just sold both my 2080's (fortunately for right what I paid for them) and put that toward a strix 2080 ti. It is the way to go. I have to put in context that they had some good deals online for the 2080s recently (newegg ebay for 630) and I bought one used off a buddy on the cheap, so value-wise, it wasn't terrible, esp considering the high end 2080 tis are in the 1300-1400 range still. A few pro/cons about the 2080 SLI: Pro: Great FPS in games that scale, beating the 2080 ti in FPS in games it scales mildly in, and blowing it away when it DOES scale well (I was getting a true >160 fps in tomb raider (shadow), witcher 3 in 1440p whereas the 2080 ti does well but not that well). In anthem where it scales kinda meh, I was basically matching the framerate of a 2080 ti, sometimes beating it by just a smidge...this is really the main pro and thats about it Con: ARTIFACTS!!; Anthem had 0 artifacts and actually was butter smooth despite the issues going on there, that was a suprise. Both TR and witcher 3 would look butter smooth at times and just be amazing, and then later on I found some times it would flicker, some times it would have weird light shining on part of the screen. I also play gears 4, and there would be all kinds of random glitches, flickering, lighting weirdness but with a super high FPS. Con: HEAT!!; in a fractal define R6 case with decent airflow and some room, it got hot AF still. The second card would heat up a good bit depending on how much it scaled and how much it was utilized, but man did the primary top card heat up. I mean it is sitting between the CPU and a high power GPU directly under it. Shit gets warm. Top card tended to quickly get to 75 degrees once starting gaming, and then quickly after that sit at the 80-85 degree zone, fan going ham Con: NOISE!!; going along with that heat of course was a LOT of noise. When I had a single gigabyte 2080 it honestly was super quiet, barely heard it. But when you put 2 beefy cards doing work in there, they get hot and those fans work. Even after tuning the fan curve ideally to keep it reasonable without being 100% fan noise, it was still noticable and honestly that was the breaking point. It was constantly loud when gaming, and that takes away from the experience for me
  6. I appreciate the info very much, I have not altered the VCCIO or VCCSA myself in the past, maybe that could help as well. I am trying out what the above guys were saying with the switching freq increased to see what that does, just did a little round of an hour gaming and so far no crash. Fingers crosses. Thanks again
  7. The setting that seems to give me the fewest crashes (again this is like a random crash after 1-2 hours of gaming, though still very annoying to me) is a 5.0 GHz OC. I have an Aorus Master MB. When I decided to mess with the OC to remedy things, I first just went back, reset to stock, and followed right along with their OC guide for a fresh restart if you will. So 5.0GHz, 1.35V, turbo LLC, XMP enabled, all of the "C states" disabled, turned off "enhanced multi-core performance". To that I then added an AVX offset of 2 and put LLC to extreme. That combination seems to have the least frequent crashes. Thermals are still fine in stability testing on it. I have gotten away with lower Vcore in the past, but was hoping this higher number would help me in case it was power hungry (and also it was what the gigabyte OC guide for the board said to start at). Crashing less, but still not perfect clearly
  8. aha, I shall give that a go!
  9. Hey community, question for you guys I am a little confused on. I have been having issues with a finicky OC recently. I thought it was stable, but it seems that may not be the case. I took my 2080's out of SLI to take that variable out of the equation. Also took that single 2080 to stock settings as well. 9900k - was stable at 5.1 GHz in testing, but was getting random crashes in games. Usually CPU was fluctuating between 20-50% utilization, games GPU bound 100%. Random things will crash games sometimes in menus, sometimes when picking up an item, sometimes looking around. It isn't so frequent that I can't play (in fact, some sessions it won't happen at all), and often I will get in 1-2 hours before it happens. But it obviously takes you out of the game for a couple minutes until reboot. I decided to just take the OC back off to stock and see what happens...and now it NEVER crashes. Not one single time since reverting to stock. I then tried fooling around with the Vcore, LLC, and clocks to see if I can do something to make it stable in games. Nothing has worked like taking it back to stock. My big question, is how the hell can it pass AIDA64 for 45 min-1 hour, and prime 95, and then crash in games when it is NEVER, EVER at 100% utilization for any significant amount of time on multiple cores. I have HW monitor up when gaming and it's never like I am getting high temps (50's-70s gaming), or high utilization for that matter...but it still has occasional crashes. Then I take off the OC, crashes gone. I have tried 5.1 GHz, 5.0GHz (both of these pass P95 and AIDA64, with the 5.1 getting into the 90's in P95 though). LLC tried at pretty much all of the highest 3 levels (turbo, extreme, extreme+). Additionally, crashes only ever happen in games, nothing else I do (internet, streaming, light photo/video editing stuff, all simultaneously) crashes it. So is there some trick and/or setting of the many settings on the BIOS that might remedy this? Anyone heard of a similar situation? My obvious thought, as I am lowering the OC to 4.9, then 4.8 is at that point just take the whole thing off since at stock it's putting everything at 4.7 for all 8 core load anyways. I mean it's never close to CPU bottlenecked so I don't NEED it, but my concern is that in the future if it would benefit me I can't seem to get it just right. Drop some knowledge bombs on me?
  10. I was also thinking about the Silverstone ML08, though it won't pack up and store as easily due to the shape of the space above my desk; the SG13 would probably work. Something to think about it seems.
  11. Hey friends, about to do a LAN 1080p build with the A4 SFX. Something that I can take to and from work (and friend's houses) and easily store in my locker or the compartment above my desk etc. For the people that have it: 1. Which CPU cooler are you using, and what kind of GPU cooler (blower/1-2 slot open air)? 2. What kind of CPU/GPU temps are you getting with that cooling solution. Appreciate it! As an aside, I am currently thinking about a Noctua L9a on a ryzen 2600, and a 2 slot gigabyte windforce 1660ti.
  12. Zberg

    NV Link results?

    Another update: Anthem seems to have OK scaling. After watching a few people's 2080ti results, I compared to my own 2080 SLI. I have a slight advantage over the 2080ti without any issues of stuttering or glitchyness (which I had heard a lot about, maybe they patched it before it went live?) I am sitting in the 110-120 range running around fort tarsis, and the 80-100 range in combat. Minimum rates rarely drop down in the 70's when crazy stuff happens (explosions all around me, surrounded my crowd of enemies). Not quite the scaling I wanted, but still looks and plays extremely smooth.
  13. Zberg

    New GPU for 1440p display

    or if you can find a better price on a VII that wouldn't be bad either. A few of the 2080's can be found at a lower price which is why I suggested that, but surely the VII will have some deals soon too.
  14. Zberg

    New GPU for 1440p display

    What refresh rate on the monitor? If it can push 144Hz I would suggest the 2080 as you will get the benefit of the increased framerate over 60Hz on a good amount of games. If it's a 60Hz monitor, the 2070 would do well and should get you 60 FPS on most games.
  15. Zberg

    NV Link results?

    Update: Got the second 2080 for 550! Just hooked it up and ran SOOTR benchmark and jumped into the game with it. Benchmark got an 80% scaling increase and getting a NICE smooth 144hz+ in game at 1440p. Just moving the camera around is so satisfying at a true 144hz. Could not be happier, not getting any glitchyness yet. Going to benchmark my other games later on and see what kind of scaling they get (Wolfenstein, fallout, GTA, Metro Exodus). Will see what happens with Anthem tomorrow as well (launch day always goes well right?!)