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  1. SWEET, thanks @Falcon5150, (Van Halen fan?) I've been shopping a lot and I've been fortunate to have 2 great retailers here that will not only price match (like Memory Express Does) but they've offered me a nice fat 4 year no questions asked extended warranty for 100 bucks. And while not a fan of those extended warranties, 4 years for 100 bucks on all parts? Can't beat that.
  2. Yeah, that too was a thought, but, we're talking half a year plus. And while I loved the CES presentation, it's AMD. Look at the Radeon VII reviews, disappointing at best. I have hopes for their CPU's tho. We shall see. As for the ram, yes, that's why I selected the 3200's in the first place, and with the low latency, perhaps even more so the sweet spot. I could shave a few dollars, and double the ram to 64Gig by going to CL15's... just not sure if that's worth the performance hit?
  3. Hrrrm, helpful and thought provoking. I shall have to meditate on that one, thank you.
  4. I was in your shoes just a week ago. I feel you brother/sister.
  5. Good Day Everyone, So, here's the story, I've recently come to learn I shall be receiving a healthy stack of tax over-payment credits. I know right? CREDITS? And I am not talking a couple hundred here. So, since my rig is a few generations old, what with its MSI Gaming 5 and i7-4790K and all, I feel it's time to retire her to the streaming rig, and build a new, stronger, better, faster (some of you will get that reference) gaming rig. Here is the parts picker list I've tossed together, I'd really like some input as I will be overclocking the crap out of this rig, at least to 5GHz for sure. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated, don't hold back, I'm old, and have really thick skin, at least that's what the ex wives say. (cheeky grin). Component Selection Price CPU Intel - Core i9-9900K 3.6 GHz 8-Core Processor $691.69 CPU Cooler Thermaltake - Floe Riing RGB 360 TT Premium Edition 42.34 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler $259.99 Motherboard Gigabyte - Z390 AORUS MASTER ATX LGA1151 Motherboard $369.00 Memory G.Skill - Trident Z RGB 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3200 Memory $513.00 Storage Samsung - 970 Evo 2 TB M.2-2280 Solid State Drive (maybe a 2nd in raid 0) $771.95 Video Card Gigabyte - GeForce RTX 2080 Ti 11 GB AORUS XTREME WATERFORCE Video Card $1869.99 Case Thermaltake - View 31 TG RGB ATX Mid Tower Case $158.99 Power Supply Corsair - 1000 W 80+ Platinum Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply (future proofing) $249.99 Monitor MSI - Optix AG32CQ 31.5" 2560x1440 144 Hz Monitor x3 $599.99 ea Total: $6684.57 I am also considering taking a page from Linus' " FAST 12TB Steam Drive for CHEAP!! " and adding some HDD's too, but with the 4 TB of 970 Evo's not sure I'll need it. And of course some custom CableMod Pro series cables for the PSU. (129 bucks for cables? Geebus!) And if I need more fans (LOL) I just order a three pack of the Thermatake Riing RGB 140's. Yeah I know, it's a bit heavy on the RGB, but I figure at my age, the extra light will only help me see the keys on my keyboard and you know, make me look cool again. Plus, free money is free money, amiright? So the questions I have are more Ram related, the part here is a QL14 kit with timings of 14-14-14-34. While I believe this is good enough, especially with overclocking, I was wondering if it were smarter to just go with some 4600MHz ram or is that just like spending money for the sake of spending money? Back in the day when we had to set dip switches for I/O and IRG's we never really had to think about these things as there just weren't many options. Also.. on the monitor front, I like these MSI monitors, I've seen them in action and ... pretty darn sweet. But, are they really what I want? I was looking to replace my 3 1080p monitors that are not bad for what they are, thanks BenQ for your many years of service. I searched everywhere for a super ultra wide with a 1440pixel height, but could not really find one, and I really want to upgrade to at very least 144Hz. Suggestions here would be awesome. In any case, your thoughts and suggestions would be very appreciated. Oh and I know some of you would suggest a custom open loop cooling solution, but, meh, I'm too old, and too cranky to bother with bending tubes, tho I will say, I did consider it and RGB fittings?? Yes. lol but no, seriously, I really am too lazy for that, and that's why I choose the GPU I have, it comes with a 240mm AIO. Thanks again peeps, I look forward to your comments. iBL