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  1. Personally, I don't care for lighting a case, I find it a waste of money that could be spent on better components. If you have a build costing around 1200, up to 200 of that could be lighting alone... That's enough to go from 16 to 32gb of very good high speed ram. I'm not knocking those that like it, but it's only actual use is bragging rights and perceived status.of those that like it, and those that aspire to have it. It's a fashion statement built upon marketing to those swayed by such things. The only time I get annoyed by it... is when p[people think that it makes their rig and them better than those who either don't want it or can't afford to waste money on frivolity... Those kinds of elitist f*ckwits can shove it. ?
  2. and a 7600k isn't enough of an upgrade. mind you, for the price of an i7 7700k you could get a ryzen 2600X and a B450 board.
  3. Upgrade the GPU first. Does the board support the 8th or 9th gen CPU's? If so, that's the next thing I'd suggest... Probably get a beefier 240/280mm AIO such as the Corsair 115 Pro if you like to OC the 8600/9600k
  4. I have to disagree on keeping the sound card, onboard sound has come a long way in the last 15yrs. I use the onboard over optical to my 7.1 amp in my home office and it's great... and my MB is a good few years old. Unless you really have a need for exceptional sound, it's an expense you can avoid. Do you really need RGB? It's a fashion statement and you could get better components if you dropped it. You can also get cheaper cases that offer just as much functionality. You could then spend that savings on a 1TB Crucial MX500 ssd and drop the HDD... which isn't really great for gaming. I picked up a couple of them on Amazon over Xmas for £105 each... You can get them for around £130 or lower normally. mine were on sale. If the budget stretches... an M.2 drive for the OS would be good too... a 250GB would be more than enough. I'd always recommend an NVME if the board supports it rather than a standard SATA M.2... there are those that think it's overkill, but they don't understand the advantages and the difference between a sata M.2 and an NVME one is less than £15 whilst the speed boost you'd get is more than double. As for graphics... even on ebay 1080's are vastly over inflated at the moment... a 2080 new isn't that much more than some of them... Are you gaming in 4k, if not... perhaps a 1070 would be a better option and give you more wiggle room. Also will a 2600 end up being a bottle neck with a 1080? With fans, just remember to keep positive case pressure (higher intake CFM) There's a thousand different options to choose from... your's is a decent spec... So in the end, go with what you want.
  5. Then there's the pipes for the AIO, they'd be external and no way to route them back inside the case and the 2 rear vents are only 80 or 92mm, so can't mount there. I also check the 2 bottom intake vents... there's room for a rad but not a rad & standard sized fans. As you can see with mine I went with a Noctua aircooler... which is not only whisper quiet but cools the FX4350 @ 4.2Ghz perfectly and that gets rather toasty, so it's a very good alternative should an AIO not be suitable. It was about £50-60 when I bought it 4-5yrs ago. just be sure to check the height of them as many are about 10-20mm too tall.
  6. yeah, the loudest part is my swearing at the f'kin thing after I drop a screw, or finally think I'm finished and find yet another update is being forced upon me, or I have to try and find the obscure piece of software I use once every 2-3yrs and suddenly need now.
  7. 2-3hrs is about normal inc all unboxing, and tweaking bios... then another 30-60 for a windows install... and then probably 2-3 weeks (the odd 10-30mins here and there) of installing updates and tracking down that bit of software you forgot to install because you only use it once in a blue moon, but need it again... but won't need it again for 2yrs. ??? That doesn't include stress testing and overclocking... Which I'll hone in over a few days.
  8. Some people buy because of the badge and nothing more... It's for bragging rights and status... the actual usability of a product tends not to factor into it at all. Now I'm not saying everyone who jumped on to the RTX bandwagon is like that, some want the current best on the market and are willing to pay these exorbitant prices... They may have more money than they know what to do with.. in which case, could I suggest donating and supporting a charity. Some may require a high end card for work related tasks, but can't afford $2500 for a single card... So go with the next best thing. But when it comes down to the 2060... I can't figure out one simple thing... WTF bother? It's not gonna give you decent FPS with RTX on, at least not what I consider playable... even the 2080 is just at the kinda acceptable end. For me.. RTX is nothing more than the new shiny thing that some people want... until it hits it's 2nd or 3rd gen, until it becomes widely used in games... it's nothing more than a niche, within a niche, within a niche. It's a waste of money buying something 1st gen, you are basically paying a premium for bragging rights in 3 (currently) games. Not gonna say people shouldn't buy them, it's their money and their choice... I feel it's wasted but then again I will go for the best value vs performance I can get. My current rig is still an FX8350, 16GB DDR3 and RX580 8GB... Which is why I'm about to build a new one... but keep the RX580. I'm waiting to see what AMD does with the next gen GPU's and the 3xxx series of CPU's.
  9. I paid £102 for my RX580 14 months ago... that's brand new, not second hand... So I consider it one of the best value cards I've ever bought... Better even than the R9 280X I got for £140 a couple of years earlier. It's a great card, and given my current (soon to be replaced FX8350) build... it's not really been taxed to it's fullest... I'm still running W7 Pro, so not even run anything in DX12 on it. But I will soon be forced to use the insidious POS that is Windows 10, making sure I get the Pro version though, and will be locking it down as best as it can be... and there's a few programs out there to help defeat the MS spyware side of it. I'm currently using a couple of Freesync Acer 1440p 27" monitors, and a Benq 22" 1080p one in portrait... So Freesync cards are important... I don;t see mine listed anywhere, so nvidia cards are a no brainer... and g-sync is ridiculously expensive, Gsync 2 even more so... So few people bother with it, makes sense for nvidia to adopt freesync and hopefully drop gsync entirely... One is basically free, and the other costs a lot of money to implement. You can even buy freesync TV's now. I'll be watching what AMD brings to the table in the gpu market this year. I may pick up a 2nd RX580 for some xfire again (not done that since my xfire 5770's all those years ago) until I really need to upgrade the gpu.
  10. OK, so I can't fathom the actual point of an RTX 2060, let alone the half a dozen different variants of the same die... 3gb/6gb and GDDR5/GDDR6. It's almost like nvidia thought.. we've got all these failed 2080/2070 die's... so lets throw them out as a 2060 and try and fool the gullible into buying them. You won't be able to do RTX on games at any kind of acceptable FPS... and there's only what... 3 current games supporting RTX at the moment... Yeah, I know more are coming. But in it's current state... it's a waste of money buying into the RTX niche... unless you have more money than you know what to do with (in which case, could I suggest donating to charity) and/or you are one of those people who must have the latest bit of shiny for bragging rights and a fashion statement. neither of which I'm able to comprehend if I'm honest... I just don't get the mentality of wasting money. From what I've read and seen so far, the 2060 gives close to 1070 performance... but the 1070's have more headroom for overclocking to stretch the lead... and given the price points of both cards (I'm in the UK, so we get screwed over here)... Both cards are priced within £20 of each other... So I'd recommend getting a 1070 now and waiting for the RTX cards to reach 2nd or 3rd gen before buying. I'm not saying RTX is a waste of time... just that it is 'right now' Give it a year or two, when most games are able to make use of it, when AMD has their version of it out for some competition in the market to drive prices more for the benefit of consumers. Think of it like VR... it's been around for a couple of years now (in it's latest iteration) but it's not gained traction yet, it's still a niche product within a niche market. It's expensive and you need an expensive rig to run it properly. Personally I think AR is more interesting than VR... mainly because whenever a product comes out that is wearable and makes the user look a little daft whilst using it... History shows that it tends to fail. AR on the other hand has proven to be popular to the masses (think pokemon go)... and if them meld the two properly, and bring the price down... I think that's a winner. But I digress... VR and RTX... too expensive for the masses... give it a couple more years before taking the plunge unless you've got money to burn... in which case... please help out a charity and the needy, and buy a 1070/1080 instead.
  11. Unless you must have the latest shiny thing for bragging rights and more money than sense... There's no point in buying into the RTX niche for a year or two at least. Current games number about 3 at this moment in time (more coming obviously)... and the performance hit is severe. If you're on a budget... you won't be able to do RTX at all really.... So as you suggest, wait and see what the 1160 specs are, and if the rumours are even real... Or pick up a 1070 which will give you about the same or slightly better than a 2060 for around the same price (assuming the UK variant is priced around the £350-400 mark, as we normally get screwed over US prices). I'm waiting to see what AMD release later this year... because I have 2 freesync 27" panels... So going nvidia is pointless for me... I may even pick up a 2nd RX580 for xfire, as that's supported in most of the games I play.
  12. Thank you, I've already placed the troll on the ignore list... So I can't see his toxic drivel any more. As for the OP @handymanshandle I'd missed that he was running a single channel ram setup... I thought he was running 2x4GB.
  13. I've already got 2x 1TB Crucial MX500's for gaming... I'll be adding an NVME for the OS. As I'll be overclocking, going for a B450 is counter productive, and as I'll be upgrading to a Ryzen 3xxx series later on, the X470 makes more sense.
  14. It's not great, but it's not that bad either. You could do with much better storage, and if the board supports it I'd add a 250GB NVME M.2 like the WD Black which has around 3000/1600 R/W. That alone will see an improvement. I'd then consider upgrading the GPU to at least the 6GB model of the 1060... or waiting for the 1160 release. The 2700rpm drives... even with optane ... utter garbage for gaming... So invest in something like a 1TB Crucial MX500 There are better options out there, but at higher cost. The best part is that you don't need a 'new' build so you upgrade incrementally as your budget allows. Step 1: NVME if the board supports it... 250GB for around £70 (you don't specify currency). Clone the OS drive using something like Reflect (it's free) onto it and you'll get a decent speed bump. Step 2: Decide if you want faster gaming, or higher res/fps... If the latter, upgrade the GPU, if the former get an SSD... The Crucial MX500 1TB can be picked up new for around £130 now.... A brand new 1060 6gb will set you back around £200... But don't be afraid to buy used... the nvidia gpu market is vastly overpriced at the moment... and that's also the case with the second hand side... I've seen second hand 1080's going for not much less than a new 2080 over here. Step 3:... the other side of what you didn't do in step 2.
  15. At that price point, you're comparing the 9600k to the R7 2700, the 2600 is a good 100 cheaper over here... You can sell the board and get a decent X470 AM4 for around the same price point too. The Ryzen 7 2700 beats out the 9600k in all but single threaded performance... But you should also factor in an upgrade path. Chances are any new 10th gen intel i5 will require a new motherbaord chipset... We've seen it happen all to often. Whilst AM4 may have newer chipsets, but are backwards compatible. So the X470 will be fine for the 3xxx series of CPU's and AM4 is supported through the next few years minimum. If you are on a budget and want a better upgrade path... sell the intel board and get the X470 and the 2700... or if you want a better option, go for the 2600x and then replace with a 3xxx series next year.
  16. Which version of the 1060... there's several, some good, some not so good. Also... don;t get a B350 board, if you must have the B series board, get a B450... At least them you'll have a better upgrade path... More so if you can stretch to the X470 boards, Gigabyte Aorus Gaming X470 is at a good price at the moment and only an extra £30 more than the B450... That gives you overclocking potential as well as being the better path when the Ryzen 3xxx series comes out later this year.
  17. If you can stretch the extra 30-40 for the X470 Gigabyte Aorus gaming MB I'd go for it... the B450 boards are ok but offer limited upgrade paths and not much headroom for any overclocking. A 550w PSU will be fine, a 650W like the EVGA G2 can be found for decent price and give you room for SLI/Xfire (on an X470) later... check out Amazon warehouse deals for discounts on new stuff too. I picked up 2x 1TB Crucial MX500's for £210 (even current sale prices put them at £140 each). If budget is a concern, ditch anything with RGB and spend the extra on better components... RGB is for bragging rights and fashion statements only... there are no go faster stripes in the PC world.
  18. I'm always reading up on new tech... So I know where I need my budget to be... For example, I decided I'd rather not bother with anything RGB and spend the extra on better parts. Only to find that my current budget allows for some RGB parts but not enough for really better components. Fore example.. I can afford to go RGB on 16GB of DDR4 3200mhz (Corsair vengeance as I have Corsair RGB mouse and H115 Pro AIO).. But I can't afford to go for 16GB of non RGB higher clocked DDR4... If I wait a couple more weeks, I could go 32GB of non RGB 3200mhz but not 32GB of RGB 3200mhz. I was all set to buy my last few parts CPU/MB/RAM/NVME, when I read the leak on the Ryzen 3xxx series... and now I'm waiting for more news and hoping they release it at CES this next week or so. I may end up going for a lower Ryzen 5 1600X for now, and then getting the 3600X later in the year... if the leaks are true and the R5 is getting humped up to 8/16 cores, and is faster than the current R7 2700X. Budget wise, I could easily get the 1600x now and the 3600x later... and not spend much more than a current 2700x costs.
  19. Trust me, it's pointless checking out prices for a build that's 9-14 months away... CPU prices are currently inflated whilst ram prices have dropped (after being way over inflated most of the year). GPU prices are currently vastly over inflated too because everyone is trying to shift second hand 1080's for almost new 1080 prices, and the same with the 1070's... Because nVidia has no real competition in the high/middle high ranges... AMD is firmly fixed in the low and mid mid range, but has new stuff coming later this year that could compete more with the 2060/2070 range I started pricing up a new build a year ago... had the money saved up for anything up to a £1500-2000K build... and then had to replace the roof on my house last summer... £5500 later and my savings are half gone...and then my car needed replacing... and my savings are 90% gone. No new PC and no new bathroom. So I had to start saving again, and finally have enough for a mid range build... but am holding off to see what AMD release at CES for the Ryzen 3xxx series... As for my bathroom... saved 50% of what I need so far... Might be able to get it done towards the end of the year. So wait until you actually have the money in the bank.
  20. As I said.. logically that makes sense... But I can't play any modern game with any kind of acceptable frame rates. GTA V, Far Cry 5, AC Origins... 1080p with low/medium settings and a max of 40fps with stutters down to low teens. I've turned of freesync for all games, there's no frame rate cap enabled... But I cannot get over 41 in any of those games... and it's unplayable. I'll wait a week or so until I get paid, as that will boost my budget by another £200-300 (I get a bonus this month) and to see if AMD announce anything at CES. If as I suspect the only upgrade the X570 chipset will have is support for PCIE 4.0,,, and given that no PCIE 4.0 cards will be around for some time. I'll go X470 and Ryzen 5 now... and upgrade to a Ryzen 7 3xxx later in the year. But when trying to game does nothing but either annoy the crap out of you, or force you to play older games... It's time for an upgrade, lets not forget that the FX8350 is now around 7yrs old, and was built on 32nm... and is utter garbage in single threaded performance... I really need that upgrade. I've checked comparisons sites and the R5 1600X gives me a 30% boost overall and a 40% boost in single thread performance and if I go the 2600 or 2600X, then it gives another 5-10% on top. A 1600X is currently £129.97, a 2700X is £309.99 If the rumours are true... a 3700x will be around the same price point as the 2700X but with 12/24 cores and a stock speed around 4.2ghz with a boost to 5ghz... If that's true and the R5 is going 8/16 cores... I could get the 1600x now and the 3600X later... and still not spend much more than a current 2700X costs.
  21. At the moment RTX is a gimmick and not worth actually buying unless you really, really, really want those bragging rights... IE if owning the latest bit of shiny is more important to you than getting the best value vs performance. If you want pure performance for working and some gaming,,, then a 1080 is the way to go... you could probably go SLI for the same as a 2080.
  22. What parts do you need, is there anything you can reuse from an existing build? If you need everything except a keyboard & monitor... you're gonna struggle to get a 1080p 60fps rig at that price. I'd suggest taking a look at second hand stuff, and/or amazon warehouse deals to see where you can save money.
  23. I can save some more money by switching out the NVME M.2 for a WD Blue 250GB, that saves me a further £20... and If I go for the Ryzen 5, 1600X, that's currently £130, a full £70 less than the £2600X. I can then upgrade the CPU later when the Ryzen 7 3xxx chips are out. So that brings the build under £500, and allows me to get 16GB of the Corsair RGB (because the stock 3200mhz has doubled in price for some reason)
  24. I've taken a pic of mine with the bdrom drive in place on the GD08, A rad would probably fit but the fans would have to go externally in a pull config... However a 120mm rad would fit perfectly well.
  25. Why not a Ryzen 3/5 and a B450 motherboard and a low end vid card...Would probably work out cheaper too.