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  1. I was digging through the settings and noticed that the display was only showing 30hz at 4k... so I dug a little deeper and it will only do 60hz @ 1080p, so I thought.. perhaps the HDMI lead is an older spec. So I grabbed one of the new ones I bought that are current spec and swapped them over... Nope.. still only 30hz. No idea if that's actually the problem, but I'm just troubleshooting at the moment. Specs might help too I suppose. Display: Samsung UE49NU7100 4K HDR Smart TV Graphics Card ASUS R9 280X Rest of system is not great, but it's a mediaserver, so it's fine and is getting upgraded when W7 goes EOL in Jan AMD FX8350, 16GB, ASUS M5 MB, 550W Corsair PSU.. 6 hard drives totalling 30TB (5HDD = 1SDD)
  2. Hope you lot can offer some insight into a minor issue that none the less is driving me a little nuts. I have a mediaserver that's currently running windows 7 Pro 64, and until a week or so ago was hooked up to a 40" 1080p TV... Now I don't often use it as a display it's a server that's streaming media out to the rest of the house. I tend to remote into that system via teamviewer and do virtually everything via that. I've had no issues with the folders staying sized as required. I typically have 4 folders open at all times, About 10 days ago I upgraded that TV to a 50" 4K TV... and since then every time I log back in those folders have been resized and placed over each other in the top left corner of the screen. In spite of me resizing them constantly. System has been rebooted, and other programs such as firefox do not display this behaviour... just windows folders. When you are trying to do something via remote with a 4k screen displayed on a 27" 1440p monitor... it's already hard enough to read everything, but when it keeps resizing and moving the folders to the top corner and stacking them all on top of each other.. it gets really annoying, really fast. It's just not remembering folder settings as before.
  3. I had an issue with my 3200mhz Corsair Vengeance (2x16GB), no matter what I wouldn't run at 3200mhz... Tested it all slots, single and double dims, updated BIOS. Spoke with Gigabyte support.. even RMA'd; it but replacement acted exactly the same way. Every time I set XMP profile to rated speed it fell over and rest the bios back to stock speed. Some ram in spite of being supported just doesn't want to behave. In the end after much testing and tweaking. I got my 3200mhz running at 3133Mhz... Just one step below rated... and I can live with that. It was too much hassle to RMA the board on the slim chance it would resolve it.
  4. I work from home, so I don't need a backpack or laptop bag... Don't even have a laptop any more. But when I go out, I'll have my phone in my pocket and my tablet in my hand or jacket pocket... along with a 20000mah battery bank and a magnetic charging cable... not forgetting wallet, keys, any spare change and something to wipe my nose (I have allergies). And I never leave home without my beanie in case it gets chilly or rains... or if I'm just having a bad hair day.
  5. Coming back to this thread as I wasn't around much in recent months. You were quite correct... HW Monitor wasn't giving me accurate readings, so I went back to HWinfo which I already had but updated to the latest. What I found was a little surprising... nothing to do with the CPU but it was reporting that my memory was running at 1067 (2133) when I had it set using XMP as I have 32GB of Corsair Vengeance 3200Mhz memory. So I went back into the Bios and found it had reset. Then followed a lot of investigating as time allowed... RMA'd the memory as no matter what I did it would not run at 3200mhz... I'd updated BIOS, changed out the CMOS battery (just in case), switched DIMM slots, tried a single DIMM... At first I thought the motherboard was faulty, I had a BIOS update revert back to the previous F31 back to the one I originally flashed in Jan F4... But it wasn't... So RMA'd the memory. New stuff arrived... same exact issue... so after speaking with Gigabyte support... the ram is supposed to be fully supported but they have had occasional reports of ram not running at rated speeds. So I went back in and manually set it to 3000 and finally it would stick... I raised it to 3066 and it was still fine... Settled at 3133mhz stable. No idea why that final 66Mhz caused an issue... But it's resolved and I don't have to RMA the board which would cause some major issues. So after all that I went back and had to redo all my testing again in case memory stability was affecting things... and It's stable at 4.15Ghz Idle temps are sub 38-45ºC depending on ambient temps (my office is normally around the 20-24ºC range due to heat from PC and amp). Under stress testing it's hitting 60-65ºC. So there's loads of headroom in there for the really hot weather in the summer... When my office can hit mid 30's as we don't tend to do AC in this country... I have a large fan. Now I have to start testing my games again as I previously thought I was running ram at rated speed... perhaps now I can squeeze a little extra performance out of some. Next upgrade... graphics card. My RX580 8GB is ok and gives me decent FPS but I've had it a couple of years and it was a real bargain... I paid £102 for it brand new because Amazon messed up. I pre-ordered it back when there was a shortage of cards as the price was a little over £225 back when these cards were going for over £300 in the UK. Then Amazon dropped the price before making it unavailable.... and because of their guarantee. My pre-order price dropped too. I had to wait almost 3 months for it to come into stock... But getting a card for 1/3 of the normal price is worth the wait.. and the memory on the card overclocks really well. Up from 2000 to 2230, but the core only comes up from 1366 to 1442 and temps can easily hit 80ºC before the fan gets noisy... However the fan speed never gets above 50% even at those temps... But that's noisy enough. Waiting for Navi news before deciding which side to choose... I'm really hoping that there's a mid range navi that will give close to 1080 Ti speeds around the £300 mark... That's normally the sweet spot and if they can manage that. It's a no brainer... A 2070 will cost almost twice that.
  6. Define the term 'bag' Because I could answer 'testicles' and be telling the truth.
  7. Nightly builds have pushed a fix out and it's available. https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/candidates/66.0.4-candidates/build1/win64/en-US/Firefox Setup 66.0.4.exe I can confirm it works. RE the studies temp fix... That didn't work for me at all.
  8. I haven't read through every post, so this may have already been mentioned. open a tab and type about:debugging and hit enter, You can then manually enable plugins by navigating to your profile folder... which is typically located at c:/users/ username/appdata/roaming/mozilla/firefox/profiles then go into your profile and then the extensions folder, plugins will have the xpi file extension. DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK as this bypasses the signing process. It will also need to be done each time you open your browser again as it only lasts for that session... It's not perfect but it's a workaround until they fix the certificate issue. I did this within a few mins of it happening... and in that short amount of time I remembered exactly why I have so many plugins to block all the hundreds of attempts to steal my private data... I NEVER browse without them and never will... Websites and any company cannot be trusted to respect your privacy.
  9. I built a new rig back in January, been building them for over 20yrs but the gap between my last one and this one was so long... that tech had really moved on. So one thing I wasn't aware of... that surprised and also really annoyed me... was that because I had 4 drives to go into the new rig + an NVME drive and a bluray/RW drive... (my car doesn't have music streaming built in (it has BT but it's phone only) and so I still like to fill up some CD's of MP3's for the 6 disc unit). But using the M.2 slot disabled 2 of the SATA sockets... and I wasn't aware of this at all (my first board with M.2)... and with 4 drives (2x 1TB SSD + 2x 3TB HDD), it means my optical drive cannot be plugged in unless I buy a PCI-E Sata card. I had to go back and dig through the manual to find out this was supposed to happen. However... this was only a temp build for gaming and daily use. One of my other systems, a mediaserver is still running windows 7 and will need to be upgraded by Jan... So I figured I'd swap out the motherboard/cpu/ram into the new system and clone the OS drive from the NVME onto a new SSD for that system (current OS drive is only 250GB) as I have 30TB of storage across 6 drives... so will need all of those SATA sockets free. The new gaming rig will be an X570 board and a ryzen 3xxx series once they're out.... But I don't want to make the same mistake... and I can't find out for certain on manufacturer websites if the current X470 boards do the same thing. So my options will be to get a board with at least 8 SATA sockets to compensate for losing 2 with an M.2 drive, or a board that doesn't disable SATA sockets when using an M.2 drive... and I cannot find out for certain that ALL boards don't do this. Or if I just need one with more lanes to allow both types to be used at the same time. I know X570 boards aren't out yet, but aside from PCI-E 4.0 and some minor tweaks they're going to be pretty much the same as current X470 ones... So are there any current boards that meet my requirements, so I can double check any X570 version when they come out later this year.
  10. I updated to 19.4.1 and haven't had the error come back... So I'm kinda reluctant to upgrade it again at the moment. Did you make sure to fully clean out any old drivers? I don't know what card you switched from... but when changing a card you should try and remove any remnants of the old one... Even more so if switching from team green to red.
  11. personally... I think the 570 is going around around 130 these days (depending on your currency and location) and will not be a big enough improvement due to the CPU. You'd actually get better performance if they saved a little extra and went with something like a Ryzen 2400G on a B450 board... no need fo a graphics card as the 2400g will do those DOTA/CSGO and Esports titles just fine... and You've got a platform that can be upgraded later to improve performance... Add a dedicated graphics card, more ram, faster CPU and so forth... You can trickle down incremental upgrades over the next couple of years... and if you buy the odd used part or keep an eye on amazon warehouse deals (you'd be surprised what you can find on there sometimes). It's not gonna break the bank even for those on a tight budget. But at the end of the day... if the current budget only extends to at most a 570... It kinda seems like throwing money away without getting the upgrade that you're paying for. You won't see the benefit of it on that system.
  12. It doesn't make sense for AMD to release the low end anything up to 12 months before the high end... In fact it's kinda suicidal for sales of high end cards. Just look at what nvidia have done... high end first to maximise sales on the biggest profit items... then a slow trickle every few months of lower and lower spec cards until they get to a point where they're releasing cards that are more expensive and 10-15% slower than the slowest 2yr old AMD cards. Given they way AMD has taken on the CPU market these last 2yrs... It actually makes more sense for them to adopt a similar strategy... Release a range of Navi cards across at least 4 price points and refresh a year later with a further 10-15% boost in performance. If the 'alleged' rumours are true about their version of RTX... then you can already see that it's a waste of time having it on anything less than a 2070 and it's barely worth having at all (except for bragging rights) if you're serious about a good gaming experience. I wouldn't pay much attention to the recent news that the VII outperforms the 2080 in Vulkan based titles... in much the same way that I wouldn't give any creedence to performance in the handful of games that actually support RTX either, it'll take a couple more years for the tech to start to mature and gather market penetration. What I'd like to see... is a card to compete with the 2070 across the board at a price point close to the 2060 or lower with at least 8GB, and then a step down of about 20% in performance and price for at least 2-3 more cards... With the lowest end card being on par with the current RX580. What we'll actually get though... no one except AMD knows... All we can do is speculate and have a wish list of things we'd like to see... or people can simply regurgitate the fake crap that's being touted as 'real' on hundreds of fake articles out there. As for me... I built a new rig in Jan, and will be transplanting that rig into my mediaserver later this year after the new Ryzen 3000 series comes out and then making a decision on replacing my RX580, based on Navi Vs Turing Vs Price Vs Performance. I tend to hit the mid/high range at a knock down price (I paid £102.50 for my RX580 2yrs ago thanks to an Amazon pricing error they honoured, and before that paid £146 for an R9 280X... both cards being picked up for 50% or more under normal prices). If the nVidia cards win out... I'll pick up a 2060 or 2070... But I think everyone knows that they'll never win once you factor in price to performance factors.
  13. I've not had this happen for a couple of weeks... and then it suddenly comes back when I boot the PC after being away for a few days... Next time I boot... it doesn't. Totally random when it happens... and I've not updated the drivers for at least a month or so now.
  14. Epic are not the first and won't be the last company to pull a bait and switch... So here's a little story about ubisoft I had recently. Bought many games from them under the 'delux' item... that contained all game DLC (usually not cosmetics) or the season pass... Purchased a game in the last sale, bought the delux version as I have done before. Install, start the game and immediately notice it's missing all oft he season pass stuff... Now I've not played the game, just gone to the launch screen, and immediately exited after no more than a minute or so. Discovered the bait and switch... they'd moved the season pass into another version of the game that costs even more. Contacted Ubisoft through they 'advertised' channels, inform them of what's happened and ask if I can get the season pass inc for the 'sale' price (with the 20% tokens discount, it was only an extra £8)... hear nothing for 2 weeks, by which time the sale ends and the price more than doubles.... So I start a paypal claim... they ignore it... Eventually they respond to my original request and say NOPE.. you've played the game and ToS says that means no refunds... Just some muppet reading from the script and not knowing how to, or not being allowed to use common sense and rational judgement, So as I'm in the UK, I start pointing out the sale and supply of goods acts, and the unfair terms in consumer contracts legislation... CS muppet is completely oblivious to those bits of consumer laws... NO REFUND. Send official complaint... it's ignored. Meanwhile paypal are patiently waiting for Ubisoft to respond... they fail... so paypal refund me. I let Ubi know that I've had my refund and can they please remove the game from my account.... they continue to ignore me. I actually wanted them to dispute the paypal claim, because some one really needs to challenge these ToS in court and have the proven to be unenforceable... Something similar happened with steam, and that prompted a change where they now offer unconditional refunds if you've played a game less than 2hrs. Buy refusing to respond to Paypal, I get my refund and they cut off a potential legal precedent being set. Taking them to the small claims court would actually cost around the same as the game would... but I got my refund and they've not bothered to remove the game. If I'd not got my refund... I'd be boycotting Ubisoft too... and finding alternative ways to play their games. TL:dr... Most game publishers are charlatans and will try every underhand trick they can to take your money and give you the finger if you don't get what you pay for..
  15. It only works on those who are easily influenced... which may well be the majority... I prefer to call them gullible myself. For example... saw the price of an ifixit kit (inc shipping to the UK) and compared with a heap of other kits on amazon UK... bought the one that was unfamiliar but contained most around 90% of the same tools and cost 1/4 of the price. I've been using Anonine VPN for around 5-6 yrs now... I don't need accounting/billing software and I no longer build websites... I am almost obsessed with getting the best value for money vs performance from anything... and I research stuff like crazy before committing to a purchase... Partly because I went through 8yrs of living hand to mouth each month after the 2008 crash and got into the really wise habit of being more careful with my spending, rather than splurging my months wages within the first 2 weeks.
  16. Paid exclusives automatically lose my money... I'm not buying a specific system or using a specific store just because it has a specific game on it. A fool and their money are soon parted and all that. There are dozens of great games out there... I can happily play all of those in the time before any 'exclusive' deals run out... and by that time I'll probably be able to pick up the game on sale for 80% less with all DLC included. I've got more than 200 games on steam, another 30 or so on Uplay and a dozen on GOG... I refuse to use origin because I will never buy an EA game ever, and after being a former support of Epic... they've burnt that bridge now with attempts to bribe people onto their stores with paid exclusives and spyware. I'm not saying I'll never buy another Epic released game ever again... just that I'll never buy from their store.
  17. I wish people would stop using 'free speech' as an excuse for being utter dickheads.
  18. This is already a huge problem... I refuse to use anything owned by facebook... 99% of everyone I know uses FB & Messenger or Whatsapp and so forth... and flatly refuses to use anything else... they've seemingly lost the ability to communicate by any other means... Often complaining that 'you're not on facebook' to me so can't keep in touch. It's almost like they're not aware of any other form of communication exists outside of their tiny narrow minded bubble. To be honest.. I no longer consider them friends... because it's a two way street and when once side demands you use a specific app to keep in touch and they refuse to do it any other way., they've lost touch with rationality and reality and have become a shallow, selfish & ignorant human being... I'm better of without that kind of person in my life.
  19. This is classic... first Epic piss of people with spyware that steals peoples steam info even if they didn't buy the game on steam... Now they steal another game from steam/gog users (and backers) and piss of even more people. Are they trying to out do EA and take the top spot of most hated game publisher? I've not bought an EA game in more than a decade because they're not fit to earn my money (I may play them via any other means I see fit to take advantage of though).. and now Epic is on the same list.
  20. If your monitor has a high refresh rate, and freesync is on... the system will try to insert extra frames to keep the frame rate high... but if the CPU and card cannot keep up... it causes stuttering. Try turning freesync of and see if the problem smooths out. Another trick is turn of DCHP on all monitors and test again. I'd put money on that being the cause rather than a lack of ram or ssd.
  21. Any modern GPU will be pretty much bottlenecked by the CPU... So if you need a DX12 card then work out what you want to spend and find something in that price range. If you don't need DX12, then just pick up something of ebay 2nd hand. Not worth spending money on a new card unless you plan on upgradingt he rest of the kit later on and want to future proof. Also.. you said about the MB not handing off to an AMD card because of the onboard graphics... I've never had a problem with onboard before... my previous 2 systems had AMD 3000 onboard and you just adjusted the bios to prioritise the PCIE slot over the onboard. I still run one of those with an AMD R9 280X as the primary and had an RX580 in the other. As you said you'd be running windows... I don;t see an issue with getting an AMD card, it seems more like an issues with the OS you are using, or you've not adjusted the BIOS (if it's an option on such an old board)
  22. Get the fastest and largest capacity your budget allows. I'd actually get 3200Mhz ram, I have 32GB of the Corsair Vengeance myself.
  23. Well... did a clean install of 19.1.2 and it's still doing it... and not only is it telling me wattman has been rest still... it's now telling me there are 'new' drivers to install that are older than the ones I just installed. It's trying to revert me back to 19.1.1. Starting to think that my next card will not be AMD again.
  24. Well, booted the PC this morning... and got the same message once more 'Global Wattman settings have been restored due to unexpected system failure' No failure has occurred... Fresh, clean install of everything. Games have been runing smooth as silk and I've not had a single game crash on me with this new build. I don't even 'USE' the wattman settings. I tried researching it, and all I can find is loads of others reporting the same thing but cannot find any solution.