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  1. I own both the Dark Rock Slim and Noctua NH-U12S. Both do an outstanding job considering their compact sizes. However for me the Noctua gets the win as it's inaudible even on stock fan curves, give it a custom curve and sometimes you have to check if it's even working? Also the Noctua is easier to mount/install as I found the Dark Rock Slim doesn't give clear instructions on how tight the heatsink bar screws need to be fastened, this is something be quiet! needs to work on.
  2. I'm running a 5700XT and currently capped at 60 on a 4K TV at 1440p. I've got a budget of around £400 to spend on a new monitor and preferably would like a screens size around 27"/32". I was looking at an Alienware AW2720HF which is an IPS 240Hz 1080p but not sure what else to consider?
  3. Noticed the Plus is going for a great price too, missed out on some right deals there.
  4. Cracking find... unfortunately out-of-stock!
  5. All of the above, but on a budget.
  6. Been seeing a lot of issues with early adoption but not sure what it the situation is today. Just watching a video on the Strix-F and noticed it's on a deal right now for £249.
  7. Just passed over my B450?
  8. Soo many options, been surfing YouTube videos for the past 2 days looking at reviews and kind of stuck on what options. The Strix-F looks great but is it worth the extra funds, then Elite or Plus... this is hard!
  9. Tomahawk would be great right now but it's as you state, release date? Noticed you thrown the Strix X570-F in there, solid option over say the Elite or Plus?
  10. Currently have a 3600 with a 5700 XT sat waiting to reinstall.
  11. Recently passed on my B450 board to my daughter and looking to upgrade now to the X570 range with a budget of £220 odd, any suggestions on what to get now?
  12. I have a Kraken X63 being delivered tomorrow and using this with a 3600X.
  13. Thanks for the info however I can't get my hands on the 280 bit I can get the 240! Seriously tempted to pull the trigger
  14. I've been hearing a few things about this and will look up on some reviews later. How does it compare with an H115i or Kraken etc? I don't know much about them so need some education.
  15. Any recommendations on a decent 240/280 AIO... budget of £140 max.