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  1. I'm driving in from Montana but I can probably be convinced to bring an extra monitor or two. Let me see what I have and I'll let you know.
  2. I saw that, but they also said it would be in April I thought - unless someone goofed and did it early? He got the ticket before the WAN show had even aired I believe. @CPotter? Did someone release the tickets that were mentioned on the WAN show early?
  3. So, it appears that some additional seats went up for sale and immediately sold out again. My son has apparently been checking the ticket purchase page regularly and he saw less than 50 up for sale. He managed to buy one so now my group of four are all ticketed and ready to go - we are just waiting for the seat reservations to open up. I find it odd that there is no mention of this on the forums or update page?
  4. Has gaming really changed that much in just 10 years? Considering that the average PC user probably keeps their PC, with only minor upgrades, for at least three years, wouldn't it make more sense for each PC to reflect a three year period? Then you could showcase much more ground breaking technology such as the original Doom, Quake, or Unreal Tournament. You could even just do a history of gaming showcase without restricting yourself to a period of time. Start with Zork, move to Wolfenstein, then Doom, Quake, etc, with a powerful machine for each period. I'm just saying that it would be a much more interesting display if the changes were more obvious than what has occurred over the last 10 years.
  5. Good to know about the fuel prices. I'll top off in Seattle before heading north.
  6. Race? lol. I'd offer to give you a ride but I'm planning on picking up a fourth in Seattle on my way through.
  7. 12 hours of driving. Livingston, Montana. I'm sure I'm nowhere near the farthest.
  8. I'm driving from Montana, via Seattle, to Vancouver. Another benefit to having a car in parking near the event is that it gives you a place to secure things without having to go back to your room.
  9. Hey Colton, can we get confirmation if there will be any further BYOC tickets up for sale at some point? I have three tickets but my son would like to bring a friend if possible so I'm in the market for another ticket, possibly two (friend has a gamer girlfriend).
  10. I have a party of three and ended up going with an AirBnB that is about a 10 minute drive away. The cost was right at $100 per night. That was far cheaper than the hotels near the convention center which all showed $400 to $600 per night when I looked.
  11. Don't bring your desktop on a plane. There are too many horror stories about how the TSA handles computers. I've done Quakecon and other LANs and your best best is to either drive or have a laptop. You might consider driving if you're in northern Kalifornia. I'm driving from the middle of Montana - a 12 hour drive through Seattle. You don't want to land, get your bag, and find a destroyed system. For this one I'm driving because my son doesn't have a gaming capable laptop. So we will bring his desktop and monitor and a wagon or large luggage bag to carry them in. Since he is stuck with his desktop that gives me an excuse to bring a couple of decent monitors for my grandsons laptop and my laptop.
  12. Wow. I'm glad I ordered right at the start - refreshing the page constantly waiting for the sale to start. My son, grandson, and I are looking forward to being there!