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  1. @Genwyn @Skiiwee29 Sorry, I thaught it was a new socket for threadripper gen 3
  2. Has the TR4 mounting system and socket been released ? If not, somebody has listed a TR4 cooler
  3. Also, try installing the newest version of the BIOS.
  4. @Genwyn Since the PC does post when the CMOS is reset, it seems like this is a corrupted windows disk image, which may not want to post
  5. You can keep your files and programs. Just reinstall system files
  6. If you have an SSD, you will be done in 30min max.
  7. If nothing fixes it, you can remove the battery, so you wont have to short it every time, althaugh this will make the time go everythime you unplug. Try reinstalling windows
  8. Theres this but it is more expensive https://www.banggood.com/AKKO-3068-Silent-bluetooth-Wired-Dual-Mode-PBT-Keycap-Cherry-MX-Switch-Mechanical-Keyboard-p-1435462.html
  9. The RK61 has RGB, wireless and wires functionality and cost £30 although it is not tkl size https://www.banggood.com/Royal-Kludge-RK61-bluetooth-Wired-Dual-Mode-60-RGB-Mechanical-Gaming-Keyboard-p-1353613.html?akmClientCountry=GB&p=K6282137007969201907&custlinkid=664641
  10. Maybe your temperature sensor is faulty. Try clearing the BIOS and updating to the latest BIOS AGESA. Also, try repasting the CPU
  11. Try clearing the CMOS, reseating the M.2 drives and the CPU.
  12. You can eisily solder a new BIOS chip yourself. £5 soldering iron and £5 BIOS chip. Dont waste a Mobo just because of a faulty BIOS chip. Laptop broad repair stores will be able to do it aswell.
  13. You can return the board for a replacement. Try reinstalling Windows or using a different HDD. Also, have you tried fixing you old board.
  14. The dell XPS 4GB (RAM) model is available for £850. You may be able to get local deals for a better model, althaught it will be used. It has a 2 core i3-8145U and integrated graphics, which may still give a playable experience at medium settings
  15. @MasterDisaster But does that decrease my view count.
  16. How did I manage to get -385 views
  17. I have seen this 750ti for around $50. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32866521950.html Is it real. It has an ASUS sticker which further suggests it might be real
  18. If it reaching 100 they may be a fault with the card so you can return it for a replacement
  19. @Kaita It makes my videos look bad and he will just make more accounts and dislike more. I have spent a lot of money and effort on my new video and it is being ruined for no reason
  20. Go for a 5700GPU or RX 580/570. It will benefit you more
  21. He will just tell his mother it is not him, not that she will do anything anyway. I have got more then 50% dislikes. I have asked him to stop and he is not listning @minibois
  22. There is this person who I know who has placed 7 dislike on my latest video. What can I do about it ? Can I block him from seeing my videos ? He also has a Youtube channel so shall I get back at him. If the dislikes are not removed, my plan is to : Place a USB outside his house, 5 minutes before when I know he is definitely going to leave the house When he takes it and plugs in into his PC, it will run a command to send his PC password to me He uses the same pass for everything so I will log into his YT account, remove dislikes and delete his channel permanently.