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  1. 67C is actually decent, especially for 5GHZ. Some people run those temperatures at stock speed
  2. You don't reallly need a rack. Some people use the £10 ikea tables or just lay them on the floor
  3. @Arika S I mean the institution doesn't pay until they receive the item or something like that.
  4. If you want to save some money, you can get cheap 2700x's for around £75. Try to get a local deal on a 3600X or a 3700X. You can upgrade your GPU later with this setup if you want to.
  5. An institution that I attend at has purchased 5 ultimakers, and needs fillament for them, but they can only order from companies that give invoices, like CPC and YPO. They also want to purchase electronic equipment for projects, but need a company that hives invoices and isn't too expensive. Do you guys know of any ? Thanks in advance
  6. @Daarkblood Yes, it should be. It makes it look a lot neater. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Cable-Core-Self-Adhesive-Trunking-Cable-White/dp/B004GLEJCO/ref=sr_1_22?keywords=trunking&qid=1573904748&sr=8-22
  7. Try to get an rx570 or 580, it will give better performance, although you are likely to be CPU bottlenecked
  8. Youll be pushing the edge, but it might crash under heavy load. You could try undercloking it if it isn't stable, else it should be fine
  9. @Daarkblood I use the mentioned system for cable 15mm - 20mm thick, and about 5 of them in one piece of massive trunking and it worked perfectly fine for me. The cable were around 1kg per 1.5meters. You can use cable braid for things like monitor cables e.t.c. Use the 50mm thick trunking for the heavy cables, and for light cable like monitor cables, use 20mm trunking. You can screw the trunking into the wall for extra strength.
  10. @Daarkblood @porina Youtube, word, ms office, linustechtips.com e.t.c.
  11. Use trunking to route cables to their destination. Use cable braid or a similar alternative to route the cable from the trunking to the device. This solution works for my setup, which has 4 PCs, a rack server, a CCTV system and a door entry system.
  12. Hi, I have found this mini itx pc with a core i7-4500u for only £130 and it is passively cooled. Is it worth it
  13. I personally HATE the file management system. Google drive is OK though
  14. There are better options then chromebooks if you are using it for other purposes too. Windows is a more viable option
  15. You could reset the audio and choose new music if you used the yt video editot
  16. Go into BIOS > boot > edit boot priority 1 to USB. It should work them unless you used GPT or 32bit for 64bit or vice versa
  17. @HerosHyper Yes I know I call all storage things a drive. Older motherboard used the MBR (master boot record) system. Newer motherboard use UEFI interface and the GPT system. What motherboard have you got ?
  18. Yes, you can boot using a bootable drive. Remember to correctly set MBR/GPT. If you have important data, you will want to create a separate partition for it
  19. Try taking your GPU out. Test with old and new PSU
  20. Hi. I am in need of a cheap camera for around £40-60. Does anybody have any suggestions. I don't mind used products or buying locally.