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  1. Sounds like something to do with the kernel. Try doing a fresh windows install or using a bootable usb
  2. Faisal A


    All GPUs will fit on to the motherboard. The case is the thing preventing long GPUs going in
  3. Faisal A


    Yes, should be fine
  4. With 2080ti SLI, you will have worse 1 percent lows. With turbo, better 1 percent lows
  5. You could overclok it. Please stress test and give temps at stock and then slowly OC
  6. Personally, I think it would be better to upgrade your CPU and motherboard and then you can upgrade your GPU later if you feel like it
  7. Can I attatch an external micrphone via a 3.5mm jack with these cameras Canon Powershot SX410 DSC-H300 20MP
  8. Should have got the LTT edition chromax !
  9. @WhatNot98 Yes, in the BIOS. If you cant find it, take a picture of your BIOS screen and post it here
  10. Also, try using this method. It should be located in the "System" location under advanced
  11. Try putting all of the memory in channel 1 on the motherboard if you are know how to dissasemble it
  12. Try and look for local deals on a used 5700xt. Squeeze a bit more performance out of the build
  13. Faisal A

    New earbuds

    I jst use they £20 amazon ones and they last around 2-3 hrs with me
  14. Try contacting the seller and asking for a return. Then get an authentic one
  15. This might help https://superuser.com/questions/56157/why-is-all-my-extra-ram-marked-as-hardware-reserved-in-windows-7
  16. Try using with one RAM stick to identify the broken one. Also, try running memtest
  17. All AMD CPUs support overclocking, so you better of wit that instead. You can use the saved money for extra RAM or SSD storage or a better GPU.
  18. I personally like the design of the LG monitors, but they perform the same. Worth checking out though
  19. The extra wattage may be useful for future upgrades
  20. Higher temps for the flash chips actually improve the lifespan. So long as it doesnt get above 55-60C for normal use like gaming, it should be fine. You could try contacting samsung if you want a replacement