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  1. Faisal A

    Any ideas for a diy portible TV/dvr

    Watch greatscotts video : DIY portable monitor
  2. Faisal A

    How long will a typical CPU cooling fan last ?

    @dgsddfgdfhgs In theory, it may just be magnets and copper, but there is also control circuits on the bottom of the fan used to control the brush-less motors. That circuitry can also die. By dieng I don't mean slightly worn out. I mean when it stops spinning due to excessive wear and tear. @Jurrunio By common, I mean something that is widely used such as the Noctua NF-A4x10 FLX
  3. How long will a typical CPU cooling fan last before dying ?
  4. Regarding graphics cards, are you on Nvidias side or AMDs side and why ?
  5. Faisal A

    Which SSD company would you choose ?

    @Firewrath9 But which company is your favourite ?
  6. Which SSD company would you choose and why ? e.g. lower costs, higher speeds, more robust.
  7. Faisal A

    budget CPU for a workstation

    @Curious Pineapple But which would you prefer ?
  8. Used Intel vs Used AMD CPU for a budget workstation ?
  9. Faisal A

    USB graphics card ?

    Ive recently stumbled across this on ebay : https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/USB-3-0-A-Male-to-VGA-15-pin-Female-Video-Display-External-Cable-Cord-Adapter/323742215435?hash=item4b608a2d0b&enc=AQADAAAC8FjVrDbVsZ8oH%2F8PNHtt9VX4%2Fw7FZcmMuqsX8uaFEduV7WOYlQDwf%2FDG%2BfVJTNF1%2BwGzqtCFKF5n69jjXE1p1K7AVRPu1p1XFO4G9s21d%2FIvE%2FFuXLOZnAqUNusF%2BcGe1tjvpkCObGkO18ktaUtD915Vybb07kDOJqLQeOfQK5zxz7il%2FTaMN5PwqXwuR1dQQq7qq85aUodsfzdeyYHvz5zpHqpGsG8k5D8foaA%2FpFFDnzjMZiNJuirKafdezU2pUEdFAAfcAr5Owww7ufK93RzDnDqS4hSM0SGhR9OTDmpJ%2Ff6MkNXeP9gaG%2Fr8FuJ9T1iWPmHPrUyT0HHeTv0kQ5LhJgIdqVzTt1STozOc662T0pPYs7JHKumcJg4hUdLcV9FilA7onIpbH%2BYAgTNc%2BXFBTr8%2FTTCO%2B8NI73HM9jbZElC6PHHj6iCJbQ3Cze%2BaMbw2yTrfXP33R2KZHt7P%2FKHHKLExpmX0fsEvGjwM0zPkvhutCuit3%2FqRk00jxSVTQyCLH4mhk7KXuvhqTZZOXdZAgfFga1NVd6jXdk%2BOlP%2B01vV93My%2BoUJByx%2FZNUSB3A7IwidKfyrP8N0srwVHZq56OuWwRJOp0FPaQKT9qGqPqAYrsUXgq2Cr38Gb3Nth%2F%2Fx%2B79gqQiAm72hxcU9DfEnLWD7pb8E9%2Bb2GcRvz8wfbA9lRbEwrDI8lNRfrDnPvJ8fu0YV2BYZPU28zA1SIbczOZ0PdN4FRkNJJ%2FMnAAB0cCPEwH%2F4sB5fCKzxlutPes59rXeKpOZBOZu6uxDnLrPXJd8bo0ccErtVbfklFF3wyN754Vqh5l6%2B9ef1zF49F1SCJv11YCtvK%2BYCVuS7HWUTxCWYkaXfez9UVtepaZZ2Uvkz9tIWHWCrScdwOpzxE4%2BCRXN91lJL9N2eZkkwl%2BvL0YjmDRPAaIqvwodEkjmLDpCPP3jflbJM8Jox6QA4tVVRrn9Al0jacB5546VafMMXAMLk%2FUomPWxxR7c%2FIITUt&checksum=3237422154350a180d0bf79a4449936265faf4d2e586 It says it allows vga to be plugged in from a USB port. Is it a graphics card or something that can just be used instead of it ?
  10. Faisal A

    PC suddenly freeze

    @ReckzoHD I have recently had the same problem when I tried to overclock my computor. Turns out the power supply wasn't capable of supplying enough power and the 12V rail was going down to 5V under load
  11. Faisal A

    Could a broken mobo fry other parts?

    I would recommend that you just send it back and ask for a replacement to be on the safe side
  12. Faisal A

    Could a broken mobo fry other parts?

    Depend on what kind of damage it has done. If it has caused a short, damage may be done. If it is just a scratch breaking a trace, no damage will be done. It also depend on the location of the damage. For example, if it has caused a short on one of the power supply traces, there is a possibility that it may fry your psu. If it has disconnected a CPU trace, you may not be able to use 1 RAM slot or one PCI lane might be missing.
  13. Faisal A

    Asus Turbo GTX 1080 Ti 11GB How to Cool

    Water cooling ?
  14. Faisal A

    Is this £48 GTX960 4GB fake ?

    @star_pilot475 How do I know those arn't fake ? I can see some for as cheap as £20
  15. Faisal A

    Is this £48 GTX960 4GB fake ?

    @LinusTechTipsFanFromDarlo But different manufacturers will give different rear IOs.