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  1. Thanks for all the recommendations. First order of business: move to another cad software. Solid edge is good for what its designed for but not for developing something bigger IMO. I just might be too inexperienced with this software.
  2. Does anybody have a collection of standardized dimensions? Like a Cheatsheet
  3. Hello, I am a mechanical engineering student in the first semester. We recently got introduced to cad (Siemens Solid Edge), it is designed to create small machine parts like bolds and so on, so not the ideal software but for now, it will make do. With this post, I just want to ask, if someone has specific requests for the case, improvement ideas and so on. I might produce one when I am satisfied with the design. Produce prototypes on the universities 3d printers and then go over to fabrication to produce it with "real" materials.