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  1. I've tested with a motherboard that I borrowed; graphics card, sound card, RAM & PSU work fine. Guess it's now down to CPU & motherboard. Someone has mentioned that I have to check about multiplyer & fsb speed settings, but I can't find any jumpers, only FSB switch which is already set to 100 MHz as listed for those Durons
  2. Still no success. Tested 3 processors (Duron 950, Duron 1.2 & Duron 1.3) on 4 diff. motherboards (GA-7ZX (rev. 1.01) , GA-7ZX (rev. 5.00) & 2x GA-7IXE4 (rev. 1.00)), with 2x 128 or 2x 256 SDRAM still no POST, perhaps just once in approx. 60 boot ups & that's it. Used a bit older PSU as provided in the picture & a bit newer one from Chieftec (750w), still the same. I figured if there would be anything wrong with graphics card (3dfx voodoo3 3000) or even CPU or something, I'd get some damn beep from the speaker, but nothing; monitor just keeps blinking.
  3. Finally got my POST card and here are the results (and they're the same on both motherboards).
  4. No, asked a few of my friends to check if they have any spare AGP cards. I've already checked & there's no leakage. And compatibility shouldn't be an issue here, 'cause I've checked for this CPU and it should be supported by the board.
  5. No, there's only one green LED and it turns on as soon as the power is switched on...
  6. No, there's no onboard graphics, just onboard sound, but that's disabled.
  7. I'm having a bit of trouble with booting up the system. I can hear the HDD running, CPU fan is spinning as usual, there are no beeps & no display. Since I don't have a desktop case yet, it's currently running on testbench. And I've also noticed that it turns on whenever I flick the switch on the PSU (without having to press the power switch). The specs are: Gigabyte GA-7ZX rev. 5.00 AMD Duron 1300 2x 128 MB SDRAM 3dfx Voodoo 3 3000 AGP Sound Blaster Pro 2 ISA 150Gb HDD WD Trust PowerMaster 420 W PSU
  8. Is it possible to build a multi-boot system on a single drive with XP + Vista + 7 or the same one with 64bit editions included ? Because I have a few additional parts lying around + original Windows CDs ready to exploit and would be a shame not to use them Would it be possible to build a 6-Windows system? Or rather try this with separate HDDs or better yet using IDE to SD converter & try it with swapping cards? What are your thoughts on this matter? Any help & advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  9. Hello. I have a question about "Shadow of War" memory usage (& some similar games) . In settings tab, system memory usage is about 10 Gb of 64 Gb & approx. 7.5 Gb of 8 Gb video memory. Is there a way to force the game to use more system memory (if available) instead of video memory? Thanks
  10. Hello, I wanna ask about Samsung m.2 960 PRO 1TB drive; is it normal for drive speed to differentiate so much from the official specification? 'Cause most of the time I'm getting pretty low numbers (around 500) , especially with write speed. I've attached a few latest benchmark test results as well as BIOS settings. The main drive is installed on m.2 slot while the second drive (evo 850) is on sata. Hopefully somebody has a solution.
  11. Hi, I have a question about a setting or two in BIOS. In the CHIPSET tab, there's a NVMe RAID mode and it's disabled by default. Should this setting be enabled or should I leave it as it is ? Will this have any impact (positive or negative) on the SSD performance ? My primary drive is Samsung SSD 960 PRO 1TB NVME M.2. while Samsung 850 EVO 250gb is just a backup drive (pics, movies, music, etc..).