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  1. ty, not much i can do about his choices just trying to help him and move him from a 1050ti to a 2060 atleast
  2. and for that i just leave the volt at 1.35 and cas latency at what is told in the sticks and just go little by little? how much per step on the speed?
  3. so maybe with the mobo he ha he would not be able to get there?
  4. Hello, I'm helping a friend get his corsair lpx 3200 16 gb of ram up the speed that is supposed to go, he saw a good boost when he did it using the xmp profiles but when he tried on 3200 he would get a direct bluescreen, on anything near that including 2800 and 2900 he also gets the same bluescreens after a while, most notably when playing Apex Legends. I know that the speed is not all, but he did saw a boost in his fps up to 20 while playing, and when we are talking between 50 to 70 fps, I understand why he wants to upgrade, I'm uploading the pictures he took of his configuration and CPU-Z. I would hope someone can help me, I know he should go manual for the speed, and change the voltage and CAS Latency, I'm just not sure to what.
  5. Thanks guys, this is going to be phase 2, already have a 25 u server rack for most stuff including already added a network solution from ubiquiti.
  6. Thank you, For the noise, due to the server going to be in a basement, away from most stuff and at the most will be surrounded by walls. My biggest issue is that my friend would have problems building his own solution, thats why premade is the only way for me to go. and thus I think that a dell server can be a better thing. Mostly due to price for a prebuilt, that would fit in a rack, so to that everything is in one place with all the network wiring, around 20 from the house already in place, plus the systems.
  7. I though not all racks have the same depth, given that I have seen of 19", 24" and 31", thats my worry. Also router as pfsense, switch as just a regular switch not a custom router.
  8. Well the Nas would be running, plex, backups, and the unifi cloud key. The Router, mostly security stuff plus the vlans and similar, for the Server Rack I was looking at 15U or around that. Given that I'm telling him to get 1 or 2 psu
  9. Hello everyone, hopefully you all can help me out with my issue, I'm helping a friend out with a new home installation, he has a ton of cat6 cables already in the walls, so im planning his new setup, mostly will be an unifi 24 or 48 switch with an unifi AP around his house, I also want to get him with it beside a patch pannel, a NAS and a Router. For the Router: Currently between a Unifi secure gateway to link everything together or a Custom server in the rack for PfSense or Untangle. in case of the later I was thinking of getting a cheap Dell R610 or R410 with dual X5650, some ram, a H200 or a SAS 6/ir and a simple hdd. Both are around 410 bucks. For the NAS: Also was looking at either synology or a FreeNAS solution. in case of the synology would be either a DS 918+ or a RS818+. for the FreeNas, probably a R710 with an H200 or a SAS 6/ir card, 16 or 32 gigs of ram and a 150 ssd for boot drive. But beside that I needed the Server Rack, which is my biggest issue due to not knowing if the server would fit in them, given that im looking for one that closes. Current options I see are https://www.amazon.com/NavePoint-Enclosure-Cabinet-Perforated-Casters/dp/B07F43WBSR or the https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071KW95QQ/ref=psdc_11042141_t1_B00CWUI19I Was hoping someone with more experience and knowledge would give me a hand on what to do. My friend is not that IT savvy, but I can help him with most configuration and Walksthroughs.