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  1. On 1/5/2019 at 12:32 PM, PineyCreek said:

    There's several threads on Razer and Reddit about this.  I would suggest contacting Razer as they might replace it outside of warranty simply due to the prevalence of the issue and the need to preserve reputation.  In all likelihood though, it's the battery.  It's pretty easy to replace yourself as well.




    Also, very much agree.  Don't turn it on again.  Don't plug it into charge or use the laptop as long as the battery's still in there.  Open it up, take pictures, take the battery out, seal it back up, see if you can just use it on AC power.  Contact Razer and see if they'll address the issue.  If not, buy a replacement battery and replace it yourself.

    Good thing you let me know, but quick question, when I open it from the bottom, should I be wary of any ribbon cables once I open the thing up? I hear that's common on laptops.

    And if razer won't send a replacement, where can I find a replacement one? (I live in Saudi Arabia, so I don't know if they will ship here.)

  2. Let me make this clear, I love this laptop. Keyboard and trackpad are excellent, and the display is straight up awesome. I have been using this for about two years now, and now I am noticing some really weird bulging. It started with the bottom part of the laptop, and I decided to ignore it since I couldn't really find an issue with it, and the bulging was minor. Now, the bulges are worse, and the trackpad is bulging slightly from the top. This is really starting to worry me, and I am not really an expert in the laptop knowhow department.